Thursday, January 03, 2019

It Won't Happen Til After Mid Month

Done 2 you tube video this year. Confession time...I find it more comforting doing a blog instead of a vlog.
But each of these has a special reason why some do blogs and others do vlogs.
Recently found and learn a new term AMBIVERT and I don't believe no one is a true extrovert or introvert.
Some people might be little one way then the other.
Having time to my self is important time.I been married 30 plus years and I wasn't a child bride. I date quite a few different guys and I won't say a lot, but there were some.
Statement time...It very important to me to have my or call Dora time...simple alone time.
For the guys I dated in pass had trouble with this thought the only reason I want alone time.
But the guys back then swore I was looking for strange piece of tail.
See I would be happy going to a park for my time once week for ten or fifteen minutes. I find joy watching nature.
My lone time which isn't much and it makes me who I am.
Statement time...."Thank you hubby for my a lone time I do appreciated it"

But if your wondering what I'm talking about mid month. Well I won't be posting an you tube video. Confession time...There is a part of me who enjoys do you tube videos.
Total clueless what I will be doing the vlog on.
Still trying to get 100 subscribers for my you tube channel and I will a give away.
Don't worry when I do a vlog I will post a link on blog post.

We got some needed pluming done around the place. Murphy just put a new faucet in bathroom. Being under the bathroom sink in basically one position he sore, and taking it easy for the day.

Total clueless why I had a craving for Scones. So I made a batch up, add apple, banana, and raisin. I don't need a large amount around so I'm giving them away at work.
But there more size of small cookies. I don't need the sugar, and fat. Only had three.

Since I don't do well with dairy and now when I do burrito there no cheese. It just don't seem like burrito with out cheese. Oh well.

Had a brief chance and went though the towels in my linen closet. To find out I'm great on the big bath towels. Could use some smaller bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloth.
There some that Murphy want for washing dishes and a few of the items became rags.
Actual there a few mix match size and will ask Regis if he wants them.

Chicken, Green Beans, and Potatoes for dinner.

Coffee is on


  1. Ambivert is a great word and describes me rather well. I prefer blogs to vlogs, I've never done a vlog post and never will.

  2. A burrito without cheese sounds very sad indeed!

  3. Hari Om
    Perhaps you are not having a burrito. Perhaps you are having doner kebab!

    I definitely fall into ambivert category - probs about 50/50.

    Onward into a new year!!! YAM xx

  4. I'm just not eating these days. Since I have all this dental pain, I find it hard to bite anything. So I've been drinking protein shakes. The only good thing about this root canal is that I am losing weight!
    I also need alone time. In fact I get up early with the dogs, and have two hours of blissful quiet alone time!

  5. I understand your need for alone time. Everyone needs time to be alone with their thoughts, to spend time just being themselves.

  6. I too am an ambivert! :)

  7. I like ambivert. People probably aren't one or the other. I like my alone time, but it can be too much. And I just don't like crowds, but that doesn't mean I want to stay away from people all the time.


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