Monday, July 09, 2018

Now What Will Get Posted In Limted Time

Watch the national news, afterward President Trump announce his nominee for the United States Supreme court.
Then afterward I have a few project I'm going to work on. Clean out my car, and start to prep work on our wands. Removing part of the bark.

So this morning I did a little research on irritable bowel syndrome diet. I will have diarrah and constipation at the same time.
Well I looked at three site on types of food I should eat.
All three sites mention diary and it sugars, meat fats, and soluble fibers, or insoluble fiber.
Is to figure out what my balance I need.
Dinner I had green salad, rice with soy sauce, and barbecue ground beef patty.
But each of site also couldn't agree on food that is beneficial or detrimental. But it seem they agree on three above.

It been in upper 80's today and if I have the time and it cool down once the sun goes down I will to get a walk in.

I guess President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme court, and he is five years younger then me.

Coffee is on


  1. I think I'd test each food and see how you react to it. I know there are some foods that shouldn't be good for me, but they settle my stomach. And foods that should be good that irritate me. I'm sure you're the same.

  2. Hari OM
    Yes, when it comes to IBS, foods are highly individual to your system. Certain things are aggravating in general though; small seeds, such as are found in tomatoes or grain breads can be highly problematic... As Liz says, it will be a case of you keeping your diary up to date about what goes in and what (and how) comes out! YAM xx

  3. Yamini said what I was going to say, every one reacts differently. Keep a diary and notice when you have diarrhea, then look in your diary and see what you ate several hours before, then don't eat that food for a while, maybe a week or more, to see if the diarrhea stops. After all this time I really think you need medical help to get sorted about anything you might be allergic to.

  4. Yes, a food diary for symptoms will help

  5. I'm ready for autumn

  6. I find it horrifying that Trump gets to nominate someone to the Supreme Court and that his actions may determine Supreme Court decisions for a long while to come. :(

  7. Hope your IBS subsides. That can't be fun! I'm enjoying the weather. It's hot, but I'll take it any day over the cold! Thanks for stopping by my gardening blog!

  8. Food diary is definitely a key here. Slow and steady, try things. I find that a diet that is high in fiber is a good one, as it will help stop the diarrhea. But as everyone says. Keep the journal.

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