Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wednesday Meme 3

Glad someone gives me some good ideals to post and share my life with you all. First one I will start out with Joyce's meme over at THIS SIDE OF THE POND and she calling it HODGE PODGE ROYAL, and I wonder why it being called that. I bet most of us can guess why.

1. The last place you visited/patronized where you felt like you were given 'the royal treatment'?...Maybe before I was two.

2. The last task you completed that was a 'royal pain'? This morning for some reason and please don't ask me how...But my husband got the riding lawn more stuck on a tree stump. So he and I had to lift the mower off the stump...But every so often I wish I had a personal keeper do such task of gathering paper for such thing as taxes.

3. How have your strengths helped you succeed? How have your faults hindered you? For my strength I would have to say being true to my self. My fault is being unorganized, which I'm always working on. It should click in shouldn't it? Organized.

4. If you found a remote that could rewind, fast forward, stop and start time, what would you do with it? I would leave time a lone. Every choice has both a positive and negative reactions. And I might be hard to deal with.

5. Any special plans for the Memorial Day weekend? Nothing at this time. 

6.  Insert your own random thought here? I got my camera and hopeful in very near future I will be able to share photos.

Since I have camera two other meme I want to take part is Wordless Wednesday and one more if I can find the meme is the ABC photo meme.

Coffee is on


  1. I could definitely use some help getting organized. Maybe if I ever got there once I could stay there. lol

  2. Hari OM
    This is quite a fun meme...
    1) I was treated royaly on my trip away from the Hutch
    2) Oh if you want REAL royal pain... I spent five days on today's post
    3) Strength? Patience. Fault? Impatience!
    4) heheh I love your response to the time-controller; I think as you do
    5) we don't have that here, but "Blogville" has got a linky party going
    6) I think it's "random" that Google has not yet contacted Bloggers to assure or instruct them with regard to the GDPR (see my #2 response link) - it seems a lot of you over there in the USA are unfamiliar with the new legislation about to hit tonight.

    Yup, right royal pain... YAM xx

  3. I still have to take care of that taxes stuff, but.... #3 keeps me from it!

  4. Wow, stuck on a tree trunk, that had to be something!! I use to be very organized but then I got sick and now things are just a mess. I've gotten very lazy. Good luck with your camera.

  5. Yay, you got your camera! That's good news.

  6. My hubby got his ride on mower stuck in some meddy, grassy area and he wanted me to help push it out! Haha!! But somehow we got it!

  7. I can always use more organization skills too!


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