Saturday, April 14, 2018

Taking A Stab At It

Two of my goal at first of the new year was to get rid of items I was going to have a yard sale, which didn't happen and the items been there for about two years. It not happening. So slowly I been haul things to one of our local thrift store.

Well my other goal was to clean out the one corner in one of our bedrooms. So today I'm taking a stab at that.
Going though the items, I have different reaction. Such as "how I total forgot about that", "Now that where that went" and "Why I did I ever get that"
So hopeful once items get to the thrift store other can fine good use for it.

 Had a little trouble deciding where to put my grand daughter quilt fabric I got. Confession time...I had the fabric since she was in the oven. And now she two.
I guess we should consider our self bless when we live many years after retirement so we can do all those cool things once we retire. Because going to work keeps a damper on those projects.

Well I put Claudia quilt fabric in a plastic bag and place it the tote I keep my larger cut piece, a yard or more.
And I haul the tote in to our basement.

This weekend after seeing the doctor, she suggest trying to do around of MILK OF MAGNESIA over the weekend, and she admit long term use of it. Isn't good for you.
I did go in last Thursday to see my result of my stomach xray. Well all look good but my colon is packed and possible once that is empty my digestion will be back working normal.
So I go back the 23rd, which is week from Monday.
I'm starting to believe it what I'm eating. A food intolerance but what, sort of foods is anyone guess.  I will keep mental note.
Hopeful it can be figure out. 
Confession time...I don't enjoy talking about my health or anyone health. 

I just realized all of my ancestors was here before the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. To best of my knowledge the last person who came over to America was a set of 3rd great grand parents. Mathias Joseph Muench and his wife Maria Gertrude Schwell. They both were born in Duengenheim Germany. With there seven children. Arrive in America 1848. And lot of my family was here couple of hundred years before our American Revolution war. I had ancestors who fought in FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR 
You have 32 3rd great grand parents. 

A few things done around the place. As I was cleaning a bit in one of the bedrooms I found a small back pack my son use in there school days. The zipper work and we could use it for some simple day hikes.
I found some sheets. Three of them don't match to anything I own and there a little ratty. So they can be use for crochet rag rugs. But there one bottom sheet still looks like it's in pretty good shape. But I'm not sure if it goes to any of our beds.
Murphy tied up the raspberry patch and we want to bring the patch forward. 
We went and got the last little wood out of the garage and cut it down. Haul it in to the basement. Hopeful we don't have to use the wood heat anymore this year.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    There's a sense of spring-cleaning going on for you - even if spring is still a bit lazy itself! I need to set to mine; had a giggle at your 'oh that's where that got to' statements. I know them well &*> YAM xx

  2. I hope your health improves. Quickly.
    As our autumn starts (slowly like your spring) we too are doing a little Spring Cleaning. And I so understand both 'so that is where that is' and 'what was I thinking'.
    Have a great week.

  3. You have a lot of stuff going on. Getting rid of stuff feels good to me. I am kind of a clothes hoarder. I have a lot of clothes and it takes up lots of space. I hate to get rid of stuff that I like.

  4. I like having a clean out now and again, taking things to the thrift shop, mostly clothes.
    Milk of Magnesia is a laxative, so it will definitely help with unpacking your colon. When we were kids, mum gave us each a big spoonful every weekend.
    You could probably take a little each day, to get things moving and emptying and then start working out which foods are not good for you so the problem doesn't happen again.
    But follow your doctor's advice as well.

  5. Your questions on the re-found items made me laugh - I can relate :-)
    And yes, time so runs, two years is just nothing!

  6. Hope you find the cause to your stomach problems. Good luck with the declutter.

  7. That is one of the great things about going through old things--finding fabric you can repurose.


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