Monday, April 30, 2018

Now A Dinging thoughts.

To my best of my knowledge we only have one mural in our community. There used to be one painted on back of our local museum.
Well I thought it would be nice to do up some murals. This morning heading toward town on far south end of town I saw 8 possible walls to do up some murals in our community.
Confession time...I post in two local group on facebook to see if anyone else would possible be interested in organizing a mural committee.
I rather have someone else run it, but still be involved with it.

Flowers been is over whelming with grass and weeds. So I been trying to keep the un-wanted not taking over in my flower beds.
So this morning and little bit this afternoon I been weeding and cutting back grass in flower bed.

Did get in slight walk this morning

I did check under both of my car seat. But I'm not going to jump to any conclusion. or making in rush decision

Coffee is on


  1. Murals sound lovely, but it’s an ambitious project, isn’t it?

  2. I thought murals had to be approved by the local government. At least, if it's a public spot. If it's a private building, maybe not.

  3. That's quite a good one. It is a great idea to have some more done.

  4. I am like that a lot. I don't want to run things but just want to be involved.

  5. Great. A very colourful mural. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  6. hari OM
    I love wall and fence art; many towns here have street art festivals. Fabulous idea and wish you well with it. Not under the seats? Oh dear... YAM xx

  7. My days of running the show are over and I like it that way. I limit what I get involved in and let someone else organize the task. There have been multiple murals painted in our town the past few years. Some are very nice, some...not so much. Thanks for stopping by Driller's Place. Come back any time.

  8. Fun mural, I like it :-)
    Oh, weeding - not a fun job at all. Or... is it?

  9. Murals certainly liven the buildings up a bit Dora, would be excellent if you could organise a committee and also some local artists! Don't talk about weeds! That's one of my jobs this weekend 😊


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