Saturday, March 24, 2018

A March

Today all around the United States there "March For Our Lives" I've posted my feeling on guns. Here local there having a counter march called MARCH FOR OUR RIGHTS.
I did contact my elected official about guns. Actual feel it waste of time and effort. Around here you see plenty of people caring fire arms in public.
Simple the Genie been let out of the bottle here in United States. The only thing I actual contact my elected officials is gun owner carrying and suggest that gun owner carry liability insurance.

Statement time...No one is trying to take way your guns, or mess with the second amendment....I don't fear my government taking my guns. But it has cross my mind if I go shopping that some unstable person might be in store with a gun. 

Snow off and on, although not much stuck. Murphy and I got a Safeway gift card for $50 and we decided to use it. We use Safeway for our pharmacy, and they had promotion that when you got your prescription you could earn a gift card.
Well we pick up $50.74 worth stuff. Now I call that almost right on the mark.
I did make a doctor appointment for Wednesday hopeful they might have some answer for my digestion. Confession time...I'm a little edgy about eating.  The thing is I don't feel bad.

Spent a little time working on my stamp collection. I collect stamps of people. We are all equal to god or goddess.Wouldn't it be amazing if they took an person off the street and make a postage stamp, some one you wouldn't hear in a history class.
Well I know this isn't Shakespeare. But I'm not sure who he is. Does anyone know who he might be.

When I got these brushes, didn't notice they had a re closer zipper thing. Today I did some painting on rocks.
This my friend Alice daughter dog "Finn" I wouldn't mind a little fellow like him. Not super tiny or nothing over 30 pounds.
Finn mom is Bronco Denver fan, a football team. So I got her one of my daughter law dogie BANDANA
Dinner is about done. Ham, bake potatoes, chard and applesauce. Not sure what we're drinking.

Coffee is on


  1. Finn is adorable.

  2. LOVE the Trump sandwich picture, I'm sending that to everyone I know here that doesn't read blogs.
    Finn is a cutie.

    1. I thought the Trump sandwhich is great

  3. Finn is a cutie.

    You have a skewed picture of the march. Overall the march was a huge success across the country, with only a very small counter protest. We have awakened the children ....

    1. Children will keep this conversation going.

  4. Hari OM
    There were marches in solidarity here too.

    That stamp is in Cyrillic (Russian) - and it IS William Shakespeare.
    YAM xx

    1. So glad there is conversation on guns

    2. I think it is Bulgarian.

  5. Yes, it is Shakespeare.

    1. More and more is saying it Shakespeare. The given name on the stamp is William but the last name is something else

  6. I think I´d truly freak out if I saw someone carrying a gun! Here you have to have a locker where you close it in. You´re not allowed to carry a gun in public.
    They do controls, too, there are fines.
    Yet, people carry knives these days and kill people with those.
    It´s not the gun/knive/whatever, it´s the personafter all.
    But I had to laugh bitterly over the idea to have teachers wear weapons as solution...
    here you can make your stamps - they´re for real use, too. Certainly only in Germany, sorry about that ;-)

    1. I don't freak out when I see a some packing a gun in public. Usual I wonder if there stable to carry one...

    2. Guns are made to kill. No reason to have one.

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  8. It is indeed a picture of William Shakespeare.

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