Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Just Finish

Just finish watching FINDING YOUR ROOTS and There guest had Puritans  roots. I also have puritan roots.
But I also have some of my family ancestors have connect to southeast part of the United States although I'm not sure if they might of been slave holders or not. Less then 2% of population own SLAVE and that was during our AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. Those in today world might of what we would call  WHITE TRASH

I got my second ball of fabric on Liz crochet rag rug. It looks like I may have to do up some more blue fabric balls.
Haven't in last few days worked on my locker hook rug.
When I cut my blues for Liz rug I might as well re-cut the purple for the locker hook

I start to read the WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ and I can see some different between it and the MOVIE and I see they was one made in 1910
One of the terms they use is KALIDAH

So before I went to work. I went to my weight lost group this morning. I was up fouth of pound. After we weigh in and listen to annoucement.
I lead the activty or discussion. Well it was an activty and I had everyone write a letter to them self. And once everyone wrote a letter. Then I collect and will save it until April.
My goal is to weigh in under 210. Which means I need to loose 3 pounds a month and which isn't out of line at all.
When it comes April we in the group will see how we did.

I got a very small retirement, and what is considered small is under $100,000. And for me to have it I'm real charge a large sum of having it. Considering how small it is.
So this evening we called and ask about adding more to it. And still we will be a long ways from the $100,000 mark.
But once we talk to the person on the other end of phone and my husband felt like he was a no body. No the person on the other end didn't say anything derogative to him.
It's how the system is set up. The more you have in lot ways the world benifits you.
So we're going to get hold of our account and see what our possible choice might be.

My Son and Daughter in law add DOGGIE COLLARS AND SOME VALENTINE prints. A lease our four leg friends usual have a different look on life. To me a much better one. There not materialism. Just a little food, water and love.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    I know what you mean about the retirement stuff. Mine is very limited too and I have no way to add to it as am already retired! YAM xx

  2. Grow your savings with Bitcoin. Mine tripled in value in 6 months.

  3. I’ve always found it interesting how much a movie can differ from the book it was based on.

  4. I wonder how long they will make us work and how very little we gonna get.
    They installed bottle holders on public rubbish bins and you see many a retiree collecting the bottles to get the recycling-money, it is a pity to see! Those darn, overly rich politicians certainly do not see this.

  5. It scares me to think how much a person will need to retire. DH has a ways to go. The "planners" think he should save so much and have no regard for the fact we have to actually live until his retirement.

  6. Books are always so much different than the movies.

  7. I've never read the book but I think I should considering it's a classic.


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