Sunday, December 17, 2017

Dreams, Goals, and Reality.

Our local historical society usual post some photo from the past. This time it was a passenger train in Naples. My thought wouldn't it be great if we had passenger train service with decent hours. I would love to take the train into Spokane. If it heading west it stops in Sandpoint shortly before midnight. Then if it heading east the train stops, two thirty in morning.

Usual I make NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS and have I complete my resolution a 100% the answer would be "no" but that ok. We're all work in progress and something are harder to meet.
This year I wrote in my bullet journal my goals.
I've made 6 area I feel I like to improve on. Which would be health, reading, spiritual, cleaning, craft and personal growth.

Health goals. To loose 35 pounds, and all honest I could actual loose 80 pounds. But I figure there 52 weeks in a year, and I lost a pound a week I would be down 52 pounds.
But ate 35 pounds one would be loosing around two third pounds a week. Still a health improvement.
My other two are have my teeth clean, usual I get my teeth clean 3 times a year but this year I didn't.
The other thing I need is an eye exam. Which will come out of our own pocket. Need to budget it.
As one could see I had cookie and milk, sure was good. But if it get out control one could be putting on the pounds.

Reading goal. Actual at one time I read quite a bit. But I choose to be on techie stuff a lot more then I real want to or need to be.
My two Authors I would like to read, FRANK BAUM and PEARL BUCK. Then I would like to read two other books other then these two authors.

Spiritual goals. Continue the assignment in WORKING WITH TAROT and the next step would be " The Empress" here is some of the things one need to look at with this card, I take pleasure in______.
I enjoy_______. And I feel joy when______. Then the last part of is about diversity
Be part of my local pagan group, Spairfiterea. Then continue making my own tarot cards.

Cleaning and Organizing goals. Finish hauling items from the shed/barn and basement to thrift store. Organize my fabric I need to get a plastic tote to put them in.
The corner in guess room is getting out of hand. Not sure what all in that corner. But my guess is more then I need.

Craft goals. Finish up first quilt, and grand daughter Claudia quilt done, and next year Christmas gift I'm going to do hot pad, quilt ones of carouse.
I got enough fabric around the place.

Personal goals. To be more comfort with success.

Question time...How do you feel about improving your self?

Coffee is on


  1. Because of technology, I don't think anyone reads books like they used to. I still read books, but even that is mostly tech based, using an e-reader, and I just don't read as many books as I did in the past.

    1. e reader and such I hear most people are going that way. But I notice quite a few people uses our library

  2. Making resolutions is a good idea.
    Yes, we´re all a work in progress. And in my case a lot of work is due, actually ;-)

  3. I find that my iPad is my constant companion. I have a Kindle app and a nook app. Nevertheless I read fewer books than I used to. I still do a lot of reading, but it’s more along the lines of news articles I find in my Facebook feed, blogs, etc. Right now I’m reading Dan Brown’s “Origin”, it’s a sequel to “The DaVinci Code”. Just finished a Nelson DeMille’s “The Cuban Affair”.

    Dora, I think you’ll like Pearl Buck. I read “The Good Earth” many years ago and still remember it.

    1. I find Dan Brown books interesting.

  4. Have a great christmas

  5. Hari OM
    Everyday offers a chance of improvement - even if it is saying no to that second biscuit (cookie)!!! I need to work on that... YAM xx

  6. Progress, right? Congrats on the progress you have made.

  7. My personal goal is to keep the weight loss steady, in 2017 I lost a total of 5kg, which is 11 pounds. Not a lot, but I prefer to lose slowly. Next year I want to lose another 6kg, which is about 13 pounds.
    You've made good progress too.

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  9. It's always good to have goals, but always keep them do-able and within reach.
    Love the picture of the quilt, what a lovely colour.

    All the best Jan


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