Monday, November 27, 2017

Yes, Johannis We Will Move Forward

As a fan of history. I still look forward a future. But I pick up a new surname Blackwell in my Genealogy. Know nothing about them at this time. But I know Sara Blackwell married my 4th great grandfather Garret Bower. The last name been spelled Brouwer.

It been one of those day. I woke up with congestion and a little rough in the tummy. Then a little blue. But I been keeping busy, by doing what every.

I clean up and so I can start to set up my snowman collection. This one I bought last year after holiday 2016. I need someone help my pull the storage bin that my snow people collection is in.

I plan out this up coming week in my bullet journal. I'm planning for light week. Some time we just need not a such a go getter attitude toward life.
Then I did up my December calendar.

I been doing locker hook rugging at this time. Well it one of Sawyer and Betty present. If all work out I'm flying out on the 7th of December. I got all the gift wrap.
Bart and Molly locker hook rug is done.

I plan to do a little shopping on cyber Monday. Less then $20 worth. I'm going get these sock for one of Liz grandson. And I need to fine a pajamas set for my grand-daughter. One of her gift is a new set of PJ and some books.
I have two other things but I might need to wait until next pay day.
We got our pick up fix and it was just under $400 and then I will be receiving a bill from our local hospital who did my mammogram. To be best I can figure out the hospital billed my insurance and it only pick up part of it, $60 some dollars, and I will pay the rest, $275 some dollars.
A lease this hospital works with you. So If needed I can make payments.

As you know my yesterday post was on the passing of Daisy. I'm doing ok, every so often I tear up. I did remove her go fund me page. and other little thing that re-late to her.
Next spring or mid March I will start looking for anther little doggy, although not sure what it will be.
I know there a little puppy dog out there that is suited to be part of this home.
Like I post in yesterday blog. The money was left in her account I gave to three charity though Go Fund me...DON CANCER FUND...CARLA TRIP FUND...and HENRY FUND which is going to an animal shelter.
Thank you for all the concern and well wishes.
Question time...If you just blink and have one thing disappear what would it be? Mine would be narrow mindedness.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    i don't doubt your little 'queasiness' is a bit of response to Daisy's passing Dora. I love that you can see a space for a new pup, when time is right. I can't even get my head around the whole Christmas thing this year; I did at least decorate the bloggy! YAM xx

  2. Sorry you're ill. It seems to be going around.

  3. My list of things to disappear is longer than one blink.

  4. Sorry for you, it will take some time until you miss her less. It's good to wait a bit before taking in another dog.

  5. That last one is a good one.
    I´d pick sickness, though, esp cancer.

  6. I'm super pleased to meet you, and thanks so much for the cup of coffee. I'm so sorry for your loss, and hope things will get easier with time. I also hate that you're not feeling that well, and sending some healing thoughts your way. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing your snowman collection. I'm always fascinated by seeing the collections of others. The one you picked up last year is very lovely! Hugs...RO

  7. Oh yeah, good one, narrow-mindedness. Maybe for me, self-centredness.


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