Friday, November 10, 2017

Writting a Letter to Deity

I'm still working the exercise in working with Tarot...I just finish writing a letter to the high priestess...I thought it would of be or less writing a letter to one self.
But I was wrong. Mostly I talk about my insecurities and understanding that we can move forward on them. Although it might not be at the rate we like.
I brought I like bring Joy to others. I actual find this some what easy. I try not to frown and have a smile on my face. It amazing how one reacts to smile.
Well I won't go on and on about my letter to the High Priestess. Confession time...I start my letter by addressing her...Mrs Ah...To me it's disrespectful to call people...woman, girl, man or boy. We have been name something so it best to call people by there given name.

I had dream last night...A friend and I was exploring a city, which I thought might of been Spokane.
She was driving my car. We came on building and it was a church, but behind the pews some of the people was doing circle. I became excited. wanting to check and telling my friend, but she drives off. I went in and check it out and found out it and found out it was the Unitarian Universal church.
Since it was end of  there circle. I join them for social hour.
A little later I end up at there minster home. Which then I start to try to get a ride home. So I got hold of my friend and try to find out where I was, no address.
But the house was half brick (lower) and the other upper half a mustard yellow.
A big window and dinning room table with a white table cloth. Looks like they where getting ready for a meal. They had 2 green salad on and simple red candle.
I did get hold of my friend ask if she could pick me up close to Spague and University. But the minster never knew where that is.
But he suggest I take the bus up to Schweitzer mountain in Sandpoint.
As we were working on getting me on the bus to Sandpoint. I was getting out my credit card to pay for the trip and found he and his wife was having a hard time. I gave them $20 Edit note...I never seen his wife) and woke up.

My clients and I are going to a Thanksgiving dinner host by Assembly of God church. I know most Christan faith things or believe I'm dabbling in devil worshiping.
I don't think it right to prophesies about faith. There must be reason why there different faith...if it leads you in doing good and your comfort with it all. Your in the correct faith.

I'm trying to locate my looker hook tool so I can start on Sawyer and Betty rug. I thought it was the coffee table. So I clean it and nothing.
I know if I order one it would show up.

# 6 of the 30 days of gratitude...what in nature are you grateful for...Hubby suggest...skunk cabbage so I would stand out...But actual I'm grateful all the change in the season. Spring rain and puddle jumpin. Remember when we were young and jumpin puddles and every so often we would end making a big splash.
Summer storms, leaves chance color in the fall. The winter snow it remind me of peace.

Coffee is on


  1. I once dreamed about a circle meeting in a swimming pool in a basement under some stairs with candles everywhere and very friendly people.

  2. Interesting dream. Mine are strange like that, too.

    I do wonder how you do in your small town as a pagan. I would think small town people would be more up in your business. Nice to know alternative faiths can be found in smaller towns.

  3. Dreams can be weird!
    Oh, yes, jumping in puddles, sweet memories! Since it´s raining I could try and find some :-)

  4. Something you ate that night really gave you fits in dreamland!!!


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