Sunday, November 05, 2017

Time No Right Way To Look At It

At one time we didn't have TIME ZONE or DAY LIGHT SAVING TIME. Time was once kept by non-number. Right as I'm typing this out...I could say...It was snowy afternoon one sunrise after joining my pagan group for lunch, at the Kootenai Brewery. Well it would be simple to say It's 1:45PM
I don't think we actual need to change our clock twice a year. But which one is the best. I say split the difference.
In 2019 when we set the clock back in fall, set them back half hour and leave it there. If we don't keep the time zone in place I can see real problem, mostly because of our world of quick travel.
Question time...Do you feel we need change the clock twice year?

Once again over on facebook I been challenge to take part in "black white challenge" it is to post 7 black white for 7 days. With no explanation and also 7 people to challenge to do the same.
I saw this challenge on facebook and decided to do the 30 days of gratitude. And I challenge 6 of my facebook friends to also do this challenge.
Today I did the first one...What smell are you grateful today...The smell I'm grateful is "cedar" it reminds me of "Yule", and which reminds of yule, and bring out our joyful spirit.

I let my thoughts go and what would be my inter magician...Magician, we all have the power in our self to change our self. But we have no right to change others.It going against our free will.
Experience makes us better magician. If we truly learn from our mistakes. Sure mistakes can cause all sort of emotion, and which should make us better beings. And gives us opportunity to be the person we need to be.

Pretty Much ready for next week.

Coffee is on


  1. Hee hee... I can't help but giggle at the poster. Not a fan of daylight savings I guess ;-)

  2. I have no idea why we do this twice a year. I understand the cows don't like it.

  3. chancing our clock twice year. I don't get it either. The cows will get use to it and so will we

  4. I live in Switzerland where we are 6 hours ahead of east coast time and we change clocks 2 weeks before the US. I am always a bit confused on what time it is where.

  5. We change our clocks about a month before the rest of the world. I wish it was permanently changed.

  6. I don’t mind daylight savings. I start to wake earlier because of the sun. So when it changes I then wake at a normal time again lol I know. I’m funny like that

  7. Massachusetts is actually thinking of ending Daylight Saving Time. It creates more problems than it solves.

  8. Hari OM
    Having lived in countries where there is no such thing, I can certainly say that I fine it a nuisance. AS the name suggests, it was to do with gaining the maximum amount of light during travel times for workers and schoolchildren... but in these modern times, with so much artificial light available to us, it seems a bit futile. Especially as there are so many different time periods already in the world and we are so international. Sigh... YAM xx

  9. I do hate the switching of time. It´s proven that you don´t save light, but esp young families have an even tougher time.

  10. The time change hit us harder this year. Seemed like we stayed up so late and it was really only 10 pm. Good for you, taking on these challenges. Your B&w photo is beautiful!

  11. I've never thought Daylight Saving is necessary. I dislike it intensely.

  12. That's a cute Tarot card. What deck is it from?

    My SIL did the black & white challenge. I wanted to try it, but no one challenged me :(


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