Monday, November 13, 2017

Some Day Are A Shocker

Before I get to the pick up issue. I'm going to the 30 days of gratitude...#9 What place are you grateful for

I'm truly a believer of "Your heart is your home"If the place bring you peace, harmony, love, safety, and joy. Your at the correct place,

Now on to the pick up. I went to work, and my client Liz was at one of the local thrift store. I got call from my hubby Murphy.
Found it he has at what we call Husky. Well the pick up broke down and found out he had it tow. 
What I understood he pulled out on highway and pretty much just stop he got it to the side of the road.
It wouldn't restart.
I had to finish up with Liz and one thing my clients are good heart. Once I got Murphy and took him home. They might have there issues but there kind heart. I've work with one I would call "evil" 
So we're waiting for a phone call to see what wrong with it. I ask if we waited a few minutes and to see if something with the fuel filter or pump.
He said he did.
Well not sure what it will cost. I know there a hook up fee and so much mile. The mileage would be ruffly 5 miles. 
I've suggest a few times and got no where that we should have towing. Depends on the price is what size of  towing what size of fit I'll toss.

Usual this time of the year snow start to fall in the valley about now. I'm start to color my 3 pentacles card and my next card I will be doing the 2 pentacles. Some ask me about Daisy she about 12 years old. It been a while since I POST A LINK about her fund raiser. She in pretty good health.
Weigh in at T.O.P.S Its rarely I'm excited about facing the scales.
I was shock that Murphy didn't toss a fit about the rig broke down actual he handle it pretty good. 
Not sure what good it would do. it's some that is.


  1. Hari OM
    Having had a major expense with my old car this year, you have my understanding and commiserations! YAM xx

  2. Ouch! Those things like a vehicle breaking down, can "hurt." -sigh-

    Depending on how much it costs, maybe he will agree with you, about joining a towing service. Maybe...

    Luna Crone

  3. Seesh, that´s really bad with the car! Fingers crossed it´s not too expensive to fix.

  4. So sorry. Hopefully the car will be fixed easily and for not much money.

  5. "#9 What place are you grateful for?" It's not perfect but I am indeed grateful to finally own my own home as of a year ago. :)


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