Monday, November 06, 2017

Over The Edge

Went to the library with Regis down in Sandpoint and I've always like the bear in there. There library has a great selection of every thing. Usual Regis gets movies. I got three Cd's, the ones I got...Styx, Blondie, and Stevie Nicks. But I got a DVD called Yoo-Hoo Mrs Goldberg.
We also stop at few other places.

I was hoping to do the High Priestess exercise. Opinion time...I think majority of us has access to our inter being or guides.

Some time I fold egg whites in my pancake batter. This one of those morning I did. Since I mention food. Weigh in at my local T.O.P.S group. No more comment on this subject.

Over on facebook I'm taking doing the 30 days of gratitude..."What technology are you grateful for?"
Confession time...I moun and groun about about the time one uses with technology. 
But I think i'st pretty cool that one can take a photo and it fits on little chip like thing. And in instead someone some where in world can be looking at photo you take. 


  1. That is a great bear.

  2. Great bear. And I love your choice of music.

  3. Hari Om
    I too am loving the bear... love it or loathe it technology is with us; I love blogging! YAM xx

  4. That bear is gorgeous!
    Oh, yes, digital photography is really such a great thing!
    So sad it wasn´t available for the normal person in 1995/1999 when we travelled Australia for 6 and 7 months. I´d probably still be sitting and sorting though!

  5. If you put egg whites in the pancake batter what do you do with the left over yolks?
    I have cake recipes that only use egg whites and the left over yolks go into scrambled eggs that night for dinner.


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