Saturday, September 16, 2017

Had Every Intention To Post

My life is pretty darn boring and at this age. Which is ok. Well I had every plan to post about my day or what every I felt like.
But some how I had the stomach quivers. Nothing real bad but I just couldn't focus on blogging.

Well the week been going ok. I still haven't yet got into my YAHOO mail open and I told forgot about them being hack.
I thought I would never say this I wish I knew a hacker.
anther thought I had. I thought I would take care of my e mail trouble with yahoo and it looks like it not going to be easy.
Now for the photo issue, which I never got to. But hopeful soon and it not a head banger.

Let see just a short time ago. Murphy and I took off the steps from our deck. So he can make a landing pad. And a few of the corners need to be level out.

I got anther ball of fabric rolled up for a rag rug I'm crocheting. Still need to cut more white. And possible get more blue. For rag rug I usual go to the thrift store but then I check for super duper sales.
Thought of drying some summer squash making chips out of them. But still a little warm to start the dehydrator in the house.
Thought of sitting it on the deck, but that will bring in those nasty yellow jacket.

Question time...How do you come up with what you post on blog? The other day on DEMOCRACY NOW Amy Goodman was interview  the founder of Pink Floyd, ROGER WATERS On Occupation of the American Mind. I'm not into talking about the Middle East Issue or our relationship with Israel.
But what got me thinking is how we come to believe something. I heard and I couldn't tell you how many say "I can't be brain wash" or "Propaganda doesn't effect me" Well sorry Charlie it does and that includes me.
Question time...Who or what influence in what we believe? Since there so much out there in world since we connected from every part of world and there quite a few of us yak on anyone subject.
I can still recall the news was 30 minutes for local and national news. The three main net works handle it.
Now I just peak at my facebook page, strolled a little and there was plenty and most of our opinionated...Statement time..Who knows how a simple line or two might effect how see the world or our self.

Confession time...I never like talking about what I eat. But it does help if I post about trying to become more healthier. See I haven't given up.
So for today my fruits and veggies been corn and I know it can consider a carb. But it grows out garden and so veggies.
Fresh tomatoes made into juice, and mini melon. Both out of the garden.
Since the smoke has thin out. Been getting a little more walking in. My pedometer battery is shot and I just can't get the old one out. Looks like I'll stop in BATTERIES PLUS not sure which one. But I'm sure they can help.
A little more walking been happening, but when it was smokey outside. No walking done. Every so often I'll get on the tread mill but I find it boring. But being fat is boring.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Spokane and possible Liz is going. She tends to be wish washy about life.
Oh I forgot to tell you where going to Tarot group.

Coffee is on


  1. I'll answer the question on how I decide what to post on my blog. I have a schedule of sorts where Mondays I go crafty and Fridays I post quizzes when I don't have subbing stories. I found it was easier to keep to a sort of schedule. But that's just me.

  2. Can you face your treadmill to see your TV and watch a movie while you walk or run? That would make it less boring. Or you could make a song playlist and listen to that while you walk or run.
    Sometimes for my posts ideas just pop into my head, other times I'll read something in the paper that gets me thinking.

  3. Treadmills are terribly boring. I often compose posts in my mind before writing them, and sometimes remember them and write them. I don't really want to think about where my posts come from. Of course propaganda affects us all, as does commercial advertising, even if we don't watch commercial media. There is nothing wrong with eating too much of the right thing to eat. Sugar is the enemy and found in almost all processed food and drinks.

  4. Hari OM
    POSTING; you came up with a really interesting post as you pondered about the posting Dora! That's the thing; as you know, I have four blogs. The photoblog is one daily and themed according to the day of week - Monday's Critters, Wings on Wednesday etc. Easy to schedule a heap of posts (like one month ready in a day of posting effort). The 'arty' blog is just random and as the mood takes. Aatmaavrajanam is my formal teaching blog and is the 'work' of my personal schedule; it requires that I research, read, contemplate, prepare and then write - it is good discipline related to my spiritual practice. It is a defined subject matter and therefore straightforward enough to decide the posts. 'Wild YAM' bloggy is my equivalent to yours here; and for that it is a bit more challenging at times. One can sometimes feel that nobody will be interested - then discover that the post you thought least of yourself gets some the best reactions!!! There is a kind of structure - always a thought-provoker on Saturdays and a message of capital 'ell' Love on Sundays; first and last Fridays have a movie clip and a piece of fiction. This is akin to what LizA said above - have maybe two or three days that you post only a certain thing - Tuesday Tarot for example! Friday Rugs... Saturday Stitches.

    INFLUENCE; you are absolutely correct, no one is immune to the influcence of advertising, propoganda or such - but it is the HOW of being influenced which can vary. The more we educate ourselves about situations, be they local or international, the better able we are to start to form firm thoughts of our own. Sadly, social media is rife with those who are not prepared to think properly or research properly but are all to ready to spout trite lines of nonsense... and it doesn't have to be all on the 'negative' side either; there are those who want to spread positive, but also are ill-informed and simply fall to the tacky trite. As you say, if we have our thinking caps on, just a few words at the right time in the right place can alter our train of thought dramatically.

    DIET; I am a long-term vegetarian, but that does not necessarily equate to being fully healthy. Having arthritis means limited mobility and although I do as much exercise as can be managed, i really ought to ensure that eat a bit less than I do. Sigh... but I don't. General health is all good, so I am not necessarily as self-monitored as I might be. I eat good food, but I do tend to 'oversize' my portions. That's partly a hazard of living alone.

    There, you see, you gave us something to discuss!!! &*> YAM xx

  5. Deep and interesting questions, Dora. Everything we read or hear on tv affects how we think, whether we accept or reject the idea.

    My blog is pretty much freestyle. Mostly it's just my rambling musings on life. I participate in two blog linkups, but some weeks I'll skip the linkup if I have nothing to add. And when I try a new restaurant I'll write a short review, and list it on Zomato. And sometimes I get writers block, or I'm busy, and I don't post at all

  6. Glad to hear that the smoke has thinned out. That was bad for everyone. The battery for your pedometer - take it to the place and they will get it out in order to sell you a new one.

  7. Did I come with you? I am very wishy washy.

  8. Is there anything more boring than a tread mill? I sold mine and now am out and abot, mch better.

  9. my yahoo account drives me nuts. it's always telling me that it's not secure and won't let me sign in.

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  11. I love the blog post, and you helped me make such a fun card with it!

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  13. If I've had an experience that I think might be share-worthy, then I post. If I can't figure out how to write about said experience in a way that will be, at least, marginally interesting, then I don't post.

    Themes of merit lately for me have been recent vacations and volunteer work.

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