Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cat Walk, Strunt Your Stuff

Ive been reading write own diet. I'm reading it from front to back. But the so called assignments I'm do them randomly.
This one there talking about fashion and personal appearance. I don't know why it assume fat people have bad hygiene.
Before I leave and adventure out in world. I might be most fashionable person and it depends where I'm heading. But I'm clean and don't wear tattered clothing.
Confession time...Fat people who shows off there fat I fine disgusting. 
Everyone has the number what they would believe they would like to get down to, mine is 137. I know it not a weight one who would walk down the model run way.
As for clothing I would like to be size 12 again. Question time....What size of clothes would you like to wear?
There wishful thinking in many parts of our lives, which is purchasing clothing that one can pull off rack, walk up to the cash register and it's all good.
Not saying I don't buy clothing. But when I go into a store. Which includes the thrift store. I will look though size 12 clothing.
It does one thing or anther to me. It get me frustrate or it keeps me going knowing toward my goal.

I wore clothing is fitting to help Muprhy to do a landing to place the deck step on. out of cement. I put on older sweeter and pair of sweat pants.
It went real smooth. Once it dries the steps can be hooked to the deck.
We also haul the lumber out for the railing.

Our local pagan group. Is having our general meeting and we will be finishing up healing. We did start to make magical candles. Scribe your wish on candle and steps on how you will meet this. Since our candles was small size and one needed to use symbols for how they will be heal.
Then in October our group will be doing our SAMHAIN on the 21st.
I get possible two reaction from people when I tell them my belief is "pagan" one is we're having an orgy.
Then the other one is we're doing mushroom and tripping. Sorry to disappoint you. Our lives come right down to it. It pretty darn boring.
Our celebration for our Samhain will be 21st of October. At this point we're going up to local cemetery to have a short circle ceremony around noon. Most of us have to get up in morning and be responsible.
No midnight howling for this ole gal.
Then we talking about going to one of local eatery and having a bite to eat. Usual we have a few beers.
One thing is to have an empty plate and one puts some food on the empty plate for those ancestries who pass on.
And I'm going to do a class on tarot, in October.

This is my son, Sawyer he and his wife Betty. As you can see there a long ways from home. Confession time...I didn't recognize my son and I thought it was one of the locals.
It must be some what a culture shock. Being in a Muslim country....
Guy On Camel..."Special Price for you! don't walk , you'll break your leg"
Sawyer..."No Thanks'
Guy On Camel..."I hope you break your leg"
And here a copy of how my daughter in law post how she feels..."Unfortunately nothing changed. People don't speak to me, they speak to Sawyer referring to me as "Her" I am invisible until a knee cap is expose. Then suddenly everyone see me.

Still early enough now I can get something done. Not sure what.


  1. A male couple enter shops. One is Asian born and the other white westerner. Without fail the shopkeepers will address the white man, not the Asian, in in the case I am thinking of, the Asian man had the money, not the white man. I really get your daughter in law's point.

    1. Maybe they will come around. I'm not holding my breath

  2. Clothes - I would like to get in my size 12 clothes again. They miss me, haha. Anything smaller than that, my face doesn't look like I'm used to seeing it. My Birthday suit is a size 12, badly misshapen from diets and bad eating habits and looks a lot bigger now. Haha.

    1. size 12 I thought was a good goal...Anything smaller I believe I would be to skinny and would effect my health.

  3. I don't think I'd trust a book that treats people of heavier stature as somehow hygenically deficient. If you're talking down to your readers, you really don't have much to teach them. But that's just my opinion.

    1. This is only part of book I had trouble with so far. To me it more of a mind set...not how eat and such.

  4. I used to think about wait and size, but now I'm thinking for about health, strength and fitness.

    1. Isn't strange how we get older how we see out self

  5. My sympathies to your daughter-in-law, being treated that way. But I'm sure Egypt is a fascinating country.

    What exactly will you do in your Samhain observance?

  6. Your weight goal is similar to mine, I want to get to 135 or 130 if I can, because I wear size 16 clothes and I'm short only 5 feet tall, so I'm very round and want to be size 12 again. my biggest food problem is ice cream. I eat it every day and that has to stop.
    It's such a shame how women are ignored in Muslim countries, even the tourists.

  7. Hari OM
    Oh reading River's comment, we might be a matching pair! Our OZ/UK size 16 is the equivalent of your size 18 and your 12 is our 14, so if river and I could drop a size, along with you, we'd be a trio.

    But forget the numbers. It's how you feel and present which matters. ... to me the word 'hygiene' refers to whether one bathes or not' and if one is talking about appearance then that is the word to use. To play devil's advocate, I guess what is being said is that it is more difficult to look smart when one is above the 'accepted' size. Load of codswallop, but those who can only 'see slim' tend to think that way, it's true. I get round this trouble by the fact that I wear mainly Indian attire; salwar kameez (tunic and baggy pants) or sari. Always elegant no matter one's size!!! YAM xx

  8. I find clothing sizes vary so much -- definitely from country to country but sometimes also within the same store. E.g., at the same Japanese store where I had to go to the men's section to find a down vest that fit me (and an L-sized one at that), I was able to find a long overcoat that fit in the women's section (also sized L). And while I may be an L (be it male or female) by Japanese standards, I'm a size 6 Petite when I buy tops in the US!


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