Friday, September 01, 2017

Anther Try But No Dice

Stop in at our local library and there a person who works there and he helps people with computer issues they may have.  Like me, found out he is off until Tuesday.
But it keep telling me my devices and such is locked out. I just don't get it. So hopeful before next Thursday I will get a chance to get back. I'm even starting wondering if it might be something to do with my camera.

Little worried about Liz. Notice some changes in her behavior, she slipping back but not total back were she has came out of. 
So the rock painting been doing her some good. 
My guess it's about her son Paul no one sure wear he might be going. even possible prison. She having trouble getting out. My guess is her Agoraphobia is rising it ugly head.
So I suggest she would go out and hide a few of her rocks that she painted.
Hopeful Monday when I go back to work her and I can get out and hide the rocks we did.

This rock I'm planning to hide...this is clue I'm giving.....Hope you #joy your #morning#coffee 

I thought these was cool a marble effect. Not sure how these was done but I know how to get a marble effect when it comes to ceramics.

Not sure what we're doing over the weekend. I have a few ideal what I might like to do. Sent off my time slip, pay our electric bill of $75.37
Not going to have a yard sale of item I've had stack and maybe I will have a chance to either to get the items out of shed/barn and or the items out of the basement. It will be going to one of our local thrift store
Still have more but still need to go though it.

Been taking a morning walk and for the next it going to get up in the 90's

Coffee is on 


  1. I heard it was hot out there, Do you have any fires there? We had a cool day, I even opened the window this afternoon.
    Neat rocks, seems a lot of folks are painting rocks.

  2. Those rocks are pretty. I hope Liz is alright and doesn't backslide too far. Having her go out and hide rocks is a good idea.

  3. Yes, I agree, getting Liz to go out to hide rocks was a very good idea. Those rocks look so pretty.

  4. You've got heat, too? We're miserable with it here. Stay cool.

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