Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Un Tying Knots

Last few days I been trying to get into my yahoo e mail account. And I real got locked out. My e-tickets for the train is there. Since I don't own a smart phone and just a flip phone. The only oppions I have is to print my ticket.
So after ranting on facebook I felting like using the word that rhyme "Duck" but instead I put CW which stands for cuss word.
I set up my self a new mail and now using g mail. I e mail Amtrak and explain my sitution and no need to use CW and ask them kindly if they could e-mail me my tickets to my new e-mail. Hopeful there in my new e-mail by morning. If not I will call amtrak.

With this frustration on getting my tickets. It's not amtrak fault. One thing I should of done is printed my tickets earlier. But foolish me I thought I could let them set in my e-mail account and print them a few days before I take off.

Once I get back or use up the minutes I have on my flip phone I believe I'm going to get my self a smart phone.
I don't see my self needing all that much data use. I don't want to pay over $35 a month for it. Maybe I didn't hear my friend Alice correctly but she and her family went to a family plan and she told me she has a $600 phone bill.
But since this happen I could of got my ticket place on my smart phone. There a few apps I thought would be useful and interesting. One thing has always intrigue me is GEOCACHING

Weigh in went well down .50 pound.

Coffee is on


  1. I think you heard Alice correctly. A family plan means everyone uses their own phone and the bills all go onto the one family account. So if anyone or everyone uses their phone a lot, the bill will be high.
    I hope you get your train tickets.

  2. The best thing I ever did was link my various email accounts to my phone, so that if I have any issues with an email account, I am sent a text message for verification. Not sure about there, but here $35 will get you a modest data allowance. At home I use wifi and often when I am out. Sometimes I use my own data. There are many useful apps for a smart phone. I am sure Amtrak will have one or more.

  3. Hari OM
    Yes, my neighbour just floored me when she told me what her family phone plan was costing her per month... yeeecchhhh.... I have flipfone and will stay with the flipfone as long as I can. Having the tablet for travel uses (including e-tickets) makes things easy for sure and all you need is a wifi hotspot, which more and more places have now. Definitely possible to be cheap on communications if one is sensible. Geocaching is great fun - as you know, the Mac Clan like to indulge in it from time to time!!! YAM xx

  4. Yes, family plans with unlimited data are pricey. I'm still paying for my daughters phones as well as my own, and I've got my iPad on the plan ... Verizon owns me.

  5. I can relate! Yesterday I tried to reserve movie tickets on line for a Thursday matinee for husband, grandson, and me. I picked wonderful seats. Then, when I went to pay, something mysterious happened. I was asked to join some payment system I was unfamiliar with. When I tried to backtrack, the system told me our seats were already reserved, and said I had to pick new seats. Well, nuts to that. I was the first and only customer to select seats for the Thursday
    matinee. Darn it, those great seats were ours. Finally, by clicking around, another mysterious thing happened and I was back at the starting gate. So it worked out. (Their help desk was no help. No humans, just Q and A, and a "Did this answer your question?") Welcome to the new techno age of madness and frustration.

  6. I'm still a smartphone holdout... Sometimes I think I'll get a smartphone after my Nokia finally dies but other days, I think I'll just get another Nokia to replace it!

  7. I hate my smart phone.
    Sure hope you get your tickets!

  8. What a coincidence - I've been out of my Yahoo account too. I couldn't remember the password as I've just changed computers and the old one had me signed in permanently so I never had to enter the password daily - so forgot it.

  9. I was a total holdout, too. I thought I didn't need a smartphone. And then I got one. It is the most useful thing. Apps. Games. Photos. Just when I find a problem, turns out my smartphone has a solution. Do go with an unlimited data plan if you can. It won't be $600 because it's just you and your husband.

  10. how frustrating!! I hope you got everything sorted now. x

  11. I'm still paying for my daughters phones as well as my own, and I've got my iPad on the plan .

  12. ... your weigh in was good.

    All the best Jan


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