Thursday, August 24, 2017

I just Want To Put Yahoo Behind

I have  very little good to say about Yahoo and I've had my e-mail with them for ages. So I now switch over to a G account.
Confession time...I have trouble with those who can't think out of the box. Well Yahoo just don't get my phone number changed and I would like them to text me a new code so I can finish up business with Yahoo and how difficult is that. I real don't need an answer.

My clients are doing ok. We're all painting rocks. The other day Liz and I put out her rocks she painted.

This is at Under The Sun a local coffee and they carry the coolest stuff.
Then she did this ship the bow and the stern is hidden on the North and South side of our bridge that goes over the Kootenai  River. On the back of the rock it says..."From shore to shore will bring us together"
Then both of us found one and re-hid them.
Still keeping running into problem of posting photos. But Liz was kind enough and to take a photo of my rock. I'm doing a rock monster family he is Napoleon Monster.

Had a good visit in Medford and there was about a little over 90% of the eclipse.  Thought there would of been a lot darker. But the birds settle down and saw head lights of rigs coming on. But the big different was the drop in temp.

My doctor which isn't really a doctor but a PA is moving down to the Boise area. It been a while since I been to a while since I've had a med check. I take pills for high blood pressure which was good today and I take one for cholesterol.
Next month or shortly there of will be doing my yearly check up.
It seem like the doctors have something to lecture you on. Mine is my weight and wonder if anyone every been free of a doctors lecture.
When My husband smoked and the doctors would lecture him on his smoking.

This evening I went and took a short walk and rock hunting has gotten me out and walking.

Coffee is on


  1. I love the rocks, they are really nice.
    I never get lectures from my doctor, although he does make suggestions if I ask him questions.

    1. "lecture" might be a little strong of a word

  2. The eclipse must have been amazing. We got only 70% here, so unless you had eclipse glasses to look at the sun, you wouldn't have known anything was happening

  3. Looks like the rock painting was a success!
    My doctors talk about my weight, no matter what it's doing.

  4. Hari OM
    I love those rock painting! What a fun activity. ... you got me thinking... YAM xx

  5. There not quite 1,300 people in my community who is taking part in rock painting.

    1. Hari OM
      I just cannot bring myself to enter the phizzog pages. But I appreciate that it is every bit as interesting and involving as geocaching! My sister is a FB user - I might see if it is something she'd be interested in!

      Well done for changing to Google BTW... I had real issues with Yahoo and just recently, found that there are certain websites one visits which have coding in them to change one's Chrome search engine into Yahoo and it is a real nuisance. It can be easily reset, but that is very invasive policy!!! cheers from here to there. YAM xx

  6. The rock painting looks cool. I don't like Yahoo much, either. They seem rather behind the times.

  7. Those rocks look good, glad you're enjoying it.

    All the best Jan


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