Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Yes I Did But Not Willing

I had planning to blog each day this week. I was dead tired from Regis operation and he look like he doing ok.
I stop in and brought him a vanillia shake.
Only stay about 15 minutes. I stop in to see how he is doing. Figuring a long visit would be to much.
So he gave me a plastic bag to keep track of and I brought that in. I never looked in it, so I'm pretty much clueless what was going on.
So he ask me if his pot (Marijuna) was in there still in there. My only repond was I never got in to your sack.
See he careless wear he smokes his herb. It wouldn't suprise me if he lights up in the hospital.
Idaho is one of the state that hasn't legelize marijuna. Before I start to take care of him he got arrest for drugs. And the only illegel drug he does is marijuna.
Well he got some jail time. But because of his medical cost they had to release him he was way to spendy to keep in jail.
His medication is real high price.
So since that he thinks he pretty much thinks he has a free ride when it comes to maijuna because he is to expensive for them to house.
I also bought him a vanillia shake and green loose fitting short he could lounge around in.

My friend Qunella and I went to Sandpoint and did a little shopping. I went to the clearence area got a few outfits. I found a top for $1.00
Then I got a binder which will be made into a BOOK OF SHADOW and some things we need.
We went to FOSTER CROSSING and we ate at CAFE BODEGA. It wasn't horrible but I sure wouldn't write home about it.
Quenella found more dishes to her blue willow collection.
I didn't get a thing or nothing jump out and said take me home...

I've been off and on about doing Fitday but I've gotten some walking in. Thursday morning Liz son Paul has his court trail.

Coffee is on


  1. Oh wow. Good thing you didn't get caught with his marijuana! I bet he didn't even think that he might be putting you in jeopardy.

  2. Good to hear he's recovering. Don't know what to say about marijuana. Drugs have not done much good that I know of.

  3. Anonymous10:47 PM

    I wish Idaho would just legalize it already. Geesh. It is so helpful to so many people. And with my side effects from cancer it sure would be helpful to me! There isn't a pain medication on the planet that eases my pain so I don't take anything. Marijuana helps.

  4. Regis needs to be careful, he won't get away with smoking illegally all the time.

  5. That's funny about being kicked out of gaol for being too expensive to keep.

  6. I'd be careful next time he asks you to hold something for him

  7. I agree that you should be careful holding it for him, because if you get caught with it then you will be arrested.

    1. I didn't know what was in his bag. I thought it was things like his personal stuff...dentures, comb and clothing.

  8. Well, this was a surprise. I didn't know there were places where the weed was still illegal. I'd better start keeping up with things better.

  9. Good to hear he's recovering. Don't know what to say about marijuana. Drugs have not done much good that I know of.

    แตกใน xxx


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