Monday, July 10, 2017

Who Knows Had Sort Of Damage He Did

Regis annual Medicaid resert was today. Who knows how things went. First of I told him just mention that he is having a hip surgery on the 18th and will be in hospital for about 3 days.
Well he told her he would need 24 hour care for about a week.
Well medicaid doesn't work that way. They have a scoring system they use for every unit is worth 15 minutes.
Then each category has there minimum and maxium allotments.
But he told the nurse he falls down like 8 times a day. Also he told her that he grows web like feet. And he falls more then.
He ask him about if he been hallucinating recently. He says he hasn't.

I've start doing fit day again. And I made it under 1,800 calories and actual I was at 1,530 and for my nutrition I was happy with it.
The only one that was the lowest in my vitamin D and I get out side quite a bit. So I'm not sure how this is measured.

Weigh in tomorrow and since he had a family reunion I'm hoping to maintain...

Coffee is on


  1. He falls more often when he grows web like feet? does this mean he only has web feet some of the time? That doesn't sound right. One of my daughters has web feet about half way up her toes but she's had that since birth, it doesn't go away.
    I think a hip operation should have 24 hour care for at least the first week, at least until he can stand and walk a bit.

    1. He has mental issue. One time there was a little girl playing marbles in middle of his floor.
      As for the hip operation who knows what he will get, and right before he ccomes I will put in request for more hours...

  2. How we treat our sick, our elderly, our disabled. So much need, and too few resources.

  3. I hope they pay attention to his 'feet' while he's in the hospital for his surgery. It sounds like he's really losing touch.

  4. Uh oh. It doesn't sound like that meeting went very well.

  5. Good job with the calories!

  6. Hello PeppyLady :) You visited me (yayasnaps) way back in February. I finally got around to visiting my blog today and there you were waiting and waiting and waiting. So thank you for the visit. Like your EAP quote. I was my husband's caregiver for 13 years. There were times he hallucinated with medications he was put on. I went semi-vegetarian a year ago, giving up sugar almost totally, considering I'm almost 75 it went quite well. So I'm here to cheer you on to your weight goal. :)

  7. How we treat our sick, our elderly, our disabled. So much need, and too few resources.


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