Monday, July 24, 2017

Pay Back Can Be A Little Bit Of Bite

I try to advoid some words affraid they might bite me. I can only come up with two is never or won't. Well Murphy retire and I'm still in the work force. But when Murphy was in the work force when we came home he hardly lift a finger to help.
At times I would even make the remark since you have a W-2 your exempt from household duties. In some way his job in the tree nursury is a lot harder then mine in some aspect.
But now I'm working and bring in a pay check I believe I'm exempt from house hold chores.
I just can't quite do it back to him...So in the morning I try to 3 chores this morning I start a load of whites, vacume the carpet, and swept the floor.
Then in the evening I did 2 chores. Put dishes away which Murphy did and the other one was I went though one of our file cabinet and found old papers, which need to be burn.

I'm starting on August bullet journal and did this weeks goals and project. Saddly my bullet journal is up stair and don't recall every thing I put in it.
I know one of my goal is to drink a lease 40oz of water, and my big project is to clean out my one flower bed.

This evening I had a few minutes and start to do a few more stiches on a locker hook trivet I'm making one of my cousin.
And the other project is cut more fabric strips for Liz rag rug.

Weigh in at T.O.P.S in the morning. I haven't been for last two meetings. Iusual weigh my self on Tuesday and Friday.
Since I haven't been to my weight lost group I decide to weigh my self on our home scale and I was down to 221.25.
But I believe it should be a good weigh in.

Coffee is on


  1. I went back to full time work when my youngest child started school and I still did all the housework, shopping, cooking, cleaning and the kids helped when I asked them to, so they all learned how to do things ready for when they grew up and moved out. Hubby drank beer and watched TV. He also worked full time and helped in the garden if I needed something done that I couldn't manage, but mostly everything was done by me and the kids.

  2. I think all people in a household should share the chores equally.

  3. My husband and I have finally found a way to basically share the chores equally. Now it helps that we have someone do the deep clean every 2 weeks. Hope you find a solution and your weigh in goes well.

  4. I hope you have a good weigh in.

  5. I want things to be neater and cleaner than he does, so that's a problem right there. Never found a solution.

  6. Hari OM
    Living alone, I am at least spared the angst of another not carrying their weight in the home... doesn't make the housework any less onerous! (Am back from a week away... and the dusting is done!) YAM xx

  7. If you both live there, you both should be responsible for keeping things neat. But how you divvy the chores is up to you, really.

  8. Women always seem to accept double duty. If you're working and he's not, he should take full responsibility for the home.

  9. I think all people in a household should share the chores equally.

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