Saturday, July 29, 2017

If Only

We all have something to say and everyone story is worth listening to. Last few nights I been dreaming.
One night I dream I had kidney failure.
Then the next night I dream I was in a small room with a small window about size of walking in closet it must been upstairs because of the pitch of the ceiling. There was neatly fold fabric for sale and I recall going thought it. I recall one pieces was grass green gingham with about 12 inch pink gingham shape like a heart.
There was quite a bit of yellow fabric and I was looking for fall prints.
There was anthor room in my dream and I decide to look in. The main thing recall in this office was a printer and place where one sorts there papers.
I was in my old creamic studio it was complete empty and I was trying to order paints. I saw my reflection in window and it was doing things and moving completely different them me. It was even speaking directly to me and not in kind way or tone.
Question time...Does Anyone know what these dreams might mean?

The month is finishing up. Murphy and I took a trip up to Roman Nose Lake. Well the roads was horrible. I was about to say "Pot holes that would eat an entire rig" not true maybe this would be a better "24 inches deep and 4 foot across" and usual it was felt on everyone of them.
I've taken mussle relaxer and very little relief.
I've been doing some light excerise and I know if I don't move it will be come worst.

So I'm going to go with Liz to her church,LATTER DAY SAINTS tomrow. We're planing to visit different faith. Every other week we're going to visit different faith. This will be a new one for me.
I've mention this also Regis and I'll ask Liz son Paul if he wants to join in.
I ask them if there any faith they won't visit. For me it would have to be the JEHOVAH WITNESS and if any of them wants to visit. We would diffently leave town.
I know I want to visit the UNTARIAN UNIVERSALISM and the other three possible METHODIST is my dad was a raise one, and UNITY CHURCH.
I know I will get something postive out of it...I know not what...and there and exlent chance I will find a topic to blog about.

First of July our state of Idaho everything goes in effect new laws and budget which could possible mean raises...Idaho seem to be a good supporter of our 45th President Trump...You know there into cutting funding for Medicaid.
I haven't seen a raise for three years here what I posted on my facebook page..
A DOUBLE RANT..My paycheck came mail and since Idaho is a very conservative state and we have President Trump in office I thought for sure I would of gotten a raise..No Nothing a big fat zero...If I got under fifty cent raise I was going to do sommersault and if was over fifty cent I was going to do a back flips
Regis who I take care had a left hip replace and put in a request for more hours tempory increase in hours. At this time he gets 15 hours a week or 64 hours a month. For this person to get more hours they want him to pay for it

Need to do a few light chores got my August plans and so forth set up in my bullet journal.

Coffee is on


  1. I don't know what your dreams mean, but the empty ceramic room might mean you are wishing you could get on with the ceramics, or because the room is empty, you give up on the idea. I had a strange dream myself: I was having a shower and everything I want to wash has some clothing on, like I go to wash my feet and my socks are still on, I go to wash my arms and my shirt is still on, like that, and the shower curtain keeps blowing open so water is splashing all over.
    I think it's a mistake to ask Regis to pay for extra hours when he clearly needs it and it should be covered.

    1. I've always found dream interesting I think it something from our consious and non consious.

  2. Hari OM
    It is important to understand that dreams are only the mind sifting all the images accrued in this and other lives. Some may be immediate (from the day itself) and others historic. Mostly we do not remember our dreaming, which is appropriate because they are nature's way of removing distractions and therefore they themselves ought not to become distractions. If we do remember them, then it can be useful to sift through; the kidneys, in spiritual healing terms, relate to fear, so it may be that at some level you have not confessed (even to yourself?) you are feeling fearful; each of the rooms are certainly to do with various aspects you have going on in life just now - the quilting, the sorting of business/admin and, thirdly, your frustration at not doing what is perhaps your main love - the ceramics... I would put it to you that the kidneys and that last room with the angry woman are related. Meditate on them, let the Deep Voice inside speak to you.

    It is also important to note that all the churches you mention are of one faith only... Christianity... but each takes only one aspect and makes of it their doctrine. If you wish to experience different faiths, you must attend a mosque, a synagogue, a mandir (Hindu), or a gurudwara (Sikh)... YAM xx

    1. There must be a reason we recall certain dreams in our life. When we recall our dreams it could be that we're ready to deal with something in our life.
      One I want to visit is a synagogue and I've been to a buduist servive before. The trouble of visiting different faith one would have to travel a bit. The closes uu to me is an hour and half drive

  3. This government want to cut Medicaid ...and then what would folks like Regis do?

    1. It seem like this adminstrain is lacking any empathy

  4. I have no clue what the dreams mean but I know there are websites that analyse your dreams.

  5. I don't know about dreams. I've found that if you think about them, you'll probably figure out what they mean to you.

  6. It is important to understand that dreams are only the mind sifting all the images accrued in this and other lives.

    แตกใน xxx

  7. Dreams can be so interesting, I do not understand them, and sometimes don't remember them although they say we all dream.

    I love the photograph, a lovely scene and view.

    All the best Jan

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