Sunday, July 30, 2017


Not talking about the fudge you make around the holidays. I've always consider my self an honest person.
I believe nothing is a 100% maybe a test that you took in your school days. If one paid attention and study hard there would be a good chance you might ace a test, get a 100%
Life don't work that way.
I just finish watching a documentary on (dis) honesty THE TRUTH WHY WE LIE I've consider my self 97% honest. I would like to be a 100% honest but the world won't let you...Will explain in short bit please bare with me.

I know most religion has there codes of ethics and since I'm here in United States and still majority of the people here are Christians they talk about the 10 Commandments and there one that deals with lying #9 "You shall not bare false witness against your neighbor" I guess this might only contain to making up stories or vicious lies...So I decide to put in a google search "What does different faith says about lying" well there plenty pages.

Now is it ok to lie under our first Amendment or not. We have right to freedom of speech and I see nothing on about being honest.
I know YELLING FIRE in an empty theater is illegal and wrong. Then when someone goes to court as a witness or gives a testimony there ask to tell the truth. And if they lie it consider PERJURY

When I first start to help people in there home and first I was honest and found out my pay checks being short.
Let me take a minute and I know I explain how medicaid here in Idaho runs there in home care system.
If a person feels they could use help in there home. On the form asking help from the department of heath and welfare there a few lines one nerds to fill out. Possible get someone to come and help you in your home. Once that done you sent it down to our state capital of Boise. Usual in about two weeks a Medicaid nurse calls and makes appointment to come out and visit they have a list of question and depending on your answer she decide how many hours you will get...For sake of math I'll use one of my client since I know how it broken down

My client is assign 15 hours a week or 64 hours a month. Usual the time we're assign is fair. But if we go over we don't get paid.
So at first not knowing any better.
Let say week one I work 17.25 hours...So the hour I would actual get paid is for 15 hours and I'm being short 2.25 hours
Week two comes around and I only work 14 hours and the add hours I work from the previous week do they give it to me. "No"
Week three comes around and I do the 15 hours which I will get paid.
Then there four week I work 15 hours which is my assign amount.
Now its the end of the month and they might be some time left and for the sake of facts let say I have 8 hours left of the 64 hours monthly allotment. So I put in the 8 hours but remember the 2.25 hours I'm shorted.
What I do now is fudge a little. Confession time...If one week I go over my allotted time and the up coming week I will squeeze in a few extra hours.
I rarely go over and each of my client gets there 15 hours a week or 64 hours a month.
If I didn't fudge a little every so often my check would be short.

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  1. Understandable. Just a little creative bookkeeping. I bet you're not the only one who does that.

  2. It is a good example of a system that makes people dishonest, otherwise they are treated unfairly.

  3. I understand the system as you've explained it, BUT, 15 hours a week only adds up to 60 hours a month. So if someone is allotted 64 hours a month, you should be able to give that person 16 hours a week and get paid.
    On weeks where you come up short, I agree it's okay to write in any extra time you did the week before, just to get enough on your paycheck. The system is screwy enough without losing money for it.

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  5. Hari OM
    In the strictest moral code, yes, this is dishonest. In the functioning world where ends need to be joined, there is some 'slack'... important is that it be between you and the client, and as long as they are agreeable, what the "Guvnor" don't know won't sting!

    Just a point regarding the Thai comments which are springing up... they are for gambling and sex sites mostly, so must definitely be SPAMMED; go to the comments section on the blogger dashboard, it is about third down the list, then select all the unwanteds, then at the top, hit the spam button. Blogger ought to then know that there is trouble with that IP. It may again turn up, but again spam it. The system does take note, but may be a bit slow stomping on them.

    YAM xx

  6. It´s sad when honest people are forced to be dishonest to get what they deserve.

  7. This is not really a lie, it would be lying if you added hours for time you were not there, adding hours on a short week to balance where you worked over is a different story.

  8. What about white lies though? Do you count them the same as the straight out lies?

  9. That sounds like a reasonable fudge to me.

  10. It is a good example of a system that makes people dishonest,

    แตกใน xxx

  11. The system does not sound right to me ...

    All the best Jan

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