Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sunshine As Medicine

I wonder how the entire thing about vitamin D works, SUNSHINE VITAMIN. As many of you know I do fit day and I seem low on the vitamin and since one can't eat sunshine and then how is this vitamin measured.
I get outside quite a bit. But then on the other side one doesn't need to damage one skin.

Notice our neighbors to the south of east found place in the town of Bonners Ferry, Up in Marx subdivision.
Good neighbors sorry to see them go. I like soaking up the sun but since they had small children I couldn't total sunbath in my birthday suit.
Until someone moves into the place. I can sit quietly in private in the nude and sock up sunshine.
The trees between the two places don't cover everything.

The old neighbor were nice enough to give us there old firewood what they used in there fireplace. roughly a half of cord of larch and red fir mixed.
We were planning on purchasing a cord of firewood. Still am, which will then give us one and half cords. The half cord is worth about $80 to $125.

Not quite to 1,800 calories I just don't see what I'll be going under that for a while. There a lot of info out there on how much CALORIE we need. I've always thought the ideal of 12 -13 calorie of body weight to loose. 14-15 calorie to maintain your weight, and gain weight one should eat 18 - 19 calorie per pound.
It also depends on how active you are. On fit day I keep track of my nutritional value, and see where I need to improve on.

Happy Summer everyone...Coffee is on


  1. Enjoy the sun!
    Your cords of wood cost more than ours - we get 4 cords delivered for about $340 US (using today's conversion from Canadian dollars).

  2. I have the same dilemma. I burn very easily, but I'm low in Vitamin D (and calcium - but I suspect it's because Vit D helps with calcium absorption). I'm trying to go out early morning or late afternoon to get a daily dose when the sun is not as strong.

  3. It isn't necessary to get down to your birthday suit to sunbathe for Vitamin D, and you don't need to get crisp. Now that the sun is at its maximum, they say 10-15 minutes in a tank and shorts while you water your plants or mow the grass etc every day is sufficient. Eat healthy foods. As the sun lowers in the sky in the fall, it doesn't do much, get the vitamin D plus. I think everybody except outdoor workers are short on the Vitamin D. My Doc said to just get the pill form as I am not that active outside.

    As a young woman, I was a sun worshiper and I am paying for it with wrinkles now. Dumb.

    I worry about burning fir, it seems to gunk up the flue. If you have ever had a chimney fire because of creosote, you will understand.

  4. I've been taking Vitamin D gummies, my doctor said my blood work showed a vitamin D deficiency. I work in an office, I try to get outside when I can, but it's not enough.

  5. Hari OM
    Well it's spooky you spoke about the sun today, cuz I was just lamenting to my neighbour that am beginning to feel I may have a touch of S.A.D., never quite being in my usual bright self; getting VitD boosters is now on my list!!! YAM xx

  6. Maybe you need a good privacy fence.

  7. I've just had a quick look through my health book. You only need about a half hour of sunlight on your skin per day to get enough Vitamin D. Maybe a bit more in winter when the sun is weaker. but to help your body use that Vitamin D, you also need to get enough vitamin A. If you want to get these vitamins by taking a supplement, then capsules of cod liver oil have both vitamins in the correct amounts. If you take enough foods with vitamin A, you may find your Vitamin D levels improve. Vitamin A foods are sweet potatoes; carrots; eggs; spinach; other green vegetables; pumpkin; rockmelon (cantelope), apricots and peaches; tomatoes and oily fish.
    In both cases you also need to be eating enough protein for the A and D vitamins to be assimilated within the body.
    My book says "anyone who has difficulty in digesting fats for any reason is probably low in Vitamin A"

  8. I now take vitamin D supplements because my last blood test showed I was low on it.

  9. I don't really sunbathe any more Dora but I do like to skinny-dip in the pool, thankfully my garden is quite private 😀😀 Do you do any gardening, you will get enough sun just being out there for a while.

  10. Happy Summer to you as well!
    I understand you perfectly - without vitamin D as a sunshine it is a good mood and happiness impossible...
    As my older suns were infants I had to give them even the prescribed vitamin D from the pharmacy... So the regulations were at that time...
    But I love the sun, summer, sunbathing and a good cup of coffee on the beach!
    Have a great and sunny summer!

  11. Happy Summer To You To ...
    We have enjoyed some very warm/hot days in the UK ... so as well as sunshine we've also had to ensure that hydration has been ok too!

    With regards to Vitamin D, our UK National Health Service says this on it's website ...use this link to find out

    You may have a website closer to home which gives guidance to ...

    All the best Jan

  12. That injury on the job thing is dicey. I had a coworker years ago who had an injury on the job but did not want to report it so she filed under her regular insurance and received a bunch of treatment over time. When the insurance company found out then they retroactively kicked out all her claims. It was a huge mess.

  13. Here's an informative page on sunshine as medicine:

    And in lay terms: I know that when there are too many days without (much) sunshine, I can feel more lethargic -- if not depressed -- than would otherwise be the case!

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