Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Your Right But Not Always

My last POST was a mistake I've never heard or seen a three dollar thing of deodorant. Anyhow in 100 mile radius I believe there would be place who would care sure a thing.
I actual paid $3.00 for it. And I correct the mistake. But the other I'll not worry about them.

Never made it to my weight lost group. Liz need to be at her class for her housing voucher. I wonder quite often those who set up there government programs to help those in need. Which planet there from.
For single person which Liz is, her limit is $559 1 or 2 bedroom place. And not sure exactly how they figure this, but one not to spend over 40% of there gross income on a place. Rent or mortgage, which include electric and water running.
She will I believe have to pay $217 out her of her pocket, and the subsidize will pick up up the a sign amount.
Now finding something in that price range might be tricky.
I weight my self at home before I left and I was down half a pound.
And my calorie count for the week is 1947 and I'm trying to get 48oz water down me. But usual I'm some where between 24oz and 32 oz.

Had the day off. So Murphy and I took down part of the trellis for garden. We been looking into getting some pears tree from MOOSE VALLEY FARM
But from last year planting our spinach winter over and from the sunflowers seeds we got some greens. There some good health BENEFIT to them. And quite tasty.

When I was down in Courd'Alene with Liz and her appointment we stop in at JOANN and I got the brown fabric and It was mark down 40% regular lets called $10 a yard. And when we got back we stop at a thrift store and got some green which I paid $8.00 for 3 yards.
So now I'm starting to gather fabric for Sawyer and Betty locker hook rug. I'll be doing there in brown, green, orange, and purple.
This up coming weekend Sawyer and Bart is coming up to Spokane to see family. So this give us an to go down to go and see both sons, wives, and grand daughter. Also change to see what going on Bart tumor.
I know there more positive about his tumor. But also sticking your head sand or worrying isn't going to change the out come.


  1. I knew what you were talking about with the deodorant.
    I never could figure out how a single person could qualify for a two bedroom apartment with subsidies.
    Will be good for you to see your family.

  2. Growing my own food is a dream of mine. We've tried, but apartment living is difficult to get much more than a few herbs.

  3. Our government is screwed up. How they treat the poor, the disabled, the elderly, is a crime.

  4. Seeing the family is always a blessing, I am glad that you will be seeing them soon.

  5. Forgive my ignorance but why does a single person need a two bedroom place?

  6. Bureaucracies... Bah.

  7. I used to make prank calls about Prince Albert in a can too! But, I was also "borrowing" pinches of my Dad's pipe tobacco at that age too. :)

  8. Here in Australia, the government is cracking down on housing, a single person can be housed in a one bedroom place, but two or three bedrooms are for families. Years ago, many people got a three bedroom place and when the kids grew up and moved out, they still stayed in the house, but now the government wants to move them to a one bedroom place, which is fair enough, but a lot of them are very old and don't want to leave their home or friends. It's hard for everyone I suppose. I have only one bedroom where I am and would love an extra room, just so I can spread out my stuff a bit more. Instead, as I get older, I'll probably just get rid of stuff I don't use.

  9. Are there still moose in Moose Valley? Glad you can get to see family.

  10. We got this strange thing going on in our country where people who need help are hated. Here in Oklahoma for a long time, the waiting area of the unemployment offices did not have air conditioning whereas the rest of the office did. They changed that but it sure made the people who were waiting feel extra special worthless.

  11. I can't imagine what it must be like to have to pay rent, food, and all other bills on that amount of money.. and let's hope everyone stays healthy because it sounds as if there will be changes not for the better there also. Enjoy your weekend with family Dora 😊

  12. Hari OM
    Here in UK, those who were single and had more than one bedroom had to pay a 'bedroom tax' until quite recently. The world over housing is a dismal thing...

    Mmmmm pears... one of my fave fruits. Have a good weekend m'dear... YAM xx

  13. Anonymous1:48 PM

    If people would spend as much money on housing and needs of the people instead golf courses, sports arenas, etc. what a different world this would be, huh? - Wow. Your weather stays pretty cool up there. We've already had over 90 down here in Boise and a ton of snow last winter and now a ton of rain. So many areas flooding now.

  14. Enjoy your weekend with the family.

    All the best Jan


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