Monday, May 01, 2017

April Checking In 2017

Month of May is one of my favor months. But we need to see April out. And each month I go to some of my past post and let Personality Insight analyze me.
You are inner-directed.
You are independent: you have a strong desire to have time to yourself. You are calm-seeking: you prefer activities that are quiet, calm, and safe. And you are philosophical: you are open to and intrigued by new ideas and love to explore them.
Your choices are driven by a desire for organization.
You are relatively unconcerned with both achieving success and taking pleasure in life. You make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents. And you prefer activities with a purpose greater than just personal enjoyment.
But here 5 key factor it said about me..
1. 85% openness
2. 63% emotional range
3. 17% traditional 
4. Like historical movies
5. Unlikely prefer style when buying clothes.

Did my monthly stroll and this time I made it to a camp ground called KNIFE EDGE which is on the LOCHSA RIVER. We all know I wear an pedometer and this month for pretend walks I walk about 53 miles (85) which average about 2.5 miles a day (4.0)

Nothing here yet leaf out on the tree. But the weather for April was pretty wet.
April 23 was the hottest day at 70 (22.1)
April 10th and 17th was the coldest at 25 (-3.8)
Average high is 61 (16) Average low is 33 (0.5)

Yesterday Murphy and I went and visit Bart he is the one with the tumor in his brain. They talk to one surgeon and going to see anther neurosurgeon for a second opinion.
But talking to the one surgeon by the MRI it doesn't look to concerning. But they won't know until it remove.
I don't know why in the evening I tend to feel more numb or slightly depress.
Not saying Bart is un-healthy but with this scare he giving up coffee and sugar. One or two thing he bless with he has support form his parents and her parents, wonderful people.

I guess I will put an link for MS DAISY and I have $30 ear mark to put in the can for her.

First time recording in my money spread. Spend $16.11 on food and non food I spent $3.00 on deodorant.
Couple of small change I will now keep track of on fitday is my water intake. Daily I want to drink 48oz of water and I drop my calorie count to 1,947 for this week.

Murphy finish mowing and planted some more seed.

Taking Liz to her housing appointment tomorrow. So we need to leave her at 7:30 so we will make her 9:20 appointment.

Coffee is on


  1. i'm happy saying goodbye to april. after that long cold winter, i really need some sun and warm weather to recharge my batteries.

  2. I'm considering getting a pedometer to keep track of what little I walk. Not ready to mess around with a fitbit.
    Can hardly believe it's May already. We're bound to have many May flowers after all those April showers.

  3. sounds like you're really busy!

  4. 70 was your high? I'm jealous. We've been getting into the 80s.

  5. This time of're busy for sure.
    Beautiful area to hike.

  6. Hari OM
    You got a photo up!!! Nice review of last month; mine was one focus only - getting neighbours on-side about roof repairs...sigh... ongoing...

    Hope that was a typo on the deodorant costing... YAM xx

  7. I was happy to have you drop by my place and thought I'd take you up on that cup of coffee.

    I like the way you went over the previous month, that is an excellent way to cover what you have been up to.

    Best wishes on Barts recovery.

  8. Looks like a nice place for a walk.

  9. Good idea having the pedometer Dora, I really need to get one. Most days I'm sure I do the 10,000 steps, but can't be certain! We had the opposite to you here in Perth, a really dry April, it's been a long time since we had rain unfortunately. Hope things go well for Bart, I think they're saying now that two or three cups of coffee are not too bad, it's the sugar that's bad!

  10. I'm so similar to you in the personality analysis!

  11. Sorry to hear about your friend.

    Beautiful nature shot! Looks heavenly.

    Hoping your friend pulls through.

  12. $300 on deodorant?? That's a mistake, yes?
    Knife Edge looks like a pretty place to walk.
    Our daily temperatures now are around 18c-20C, so 64-66 degrees. Still have plenty of sunshine between the clouds and early morning skies are bright blue.
    Nights are much chillier now. Not frosty yet, but cold enough to slide my feet into slippers when I first get up.

  13. Yep, tis the Merry Month of May.

  14. Continued good wishes for Bart.

    All the best Jan

  15. Hey Peppy Lady! I think your personality test is probably spot on, at least in the openness area. I mean, you do have a blog, right? Is it true about your enjoyment of historical movies? Great job on writing down expenses. I am doing that myself and it’s scary to see how much I spend on coffee. Hang in there.

    Verna Hopkins @ Promosaurus Promotional Products


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