Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Will It Be Known.

Bart was going to have his after surgery two week check up. We're waiting for the call to see what the results of the biopsy.
Confession time...I wish we all never have to face reality. At times I have to remind my self such things as my son is young, there not much cancer in family, It was located in a good spot, he has insurance, he has support, he has a good attitude about life, there plenty of people who loves him, at this point it didn't look like anything to worry about, and medical it amazing what they can do.
But I don't want to be self deception either. But I want to remain positive.
So he said he would call me in next few days.

I went with Regis to his group thing today. It was chili and I brought corn bread. Today topic was taking responsibility for your choices.

I mange to get a walk in this morning not long walk, and Daisy went with. CLICK HERE if you wish to make a donation. I'll match any donation up to $50.
I did stay with in my calories goal today.
Murphy went to the dump and I did up the dishes. plus a few other small chores.

My friend LaWalla stop in and want me to look up a few things. She had me look up a few things on the net. She planning to move up to NELSON has be come quite progressive.
Also she had me look up some other things but I don't recall them.
Confession time...I have to ask LaWalla what the psysic tells her. 
There been time LaWalla will seek advice from a psysic when I think it would be better for her to seek advice from an accountant, or lawyer.
But it's always interesting what the psysic tells her.
Some time she got a tax form when she got her inheritance and she needs some of our safety net and her inheritance might have some effect on it.
Instead of finding out what is what she get hold of a psysic.
Confession time...I want to visit a psysic once in my life.

Not long ago I had strange dream and I believe most of my dreams are strange...One day I decide to cut off my foot with knife and to see if I had the nerve to stitch it up. I didn't so I wrap it up and drove my self to the hospital so they can stitch it up.
I woke up before I got the hospital...Question time...Does anyone want to interpret this dream?

Coffee is on


  1. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I think staying positive is very important Dora and I'm praying for a full recovery for your son. - I grew up in a family of "gifted" people. :)

  2. I hope the outcome for Bart is good.
    I've never visited a psychic and probably never will.
    I like to work things out the logical way, or ask the right people if I need help.

  3. Hari OM
    Whether your foot, or a hand, or any other part of the body, you may be holding onto a principle which needs re-thinking from the point of view of others; we need others' assistance to grow and move forward.

    You are correct to be concerned at the 'advice' your pal is looking to for guidance about material matters. All things esoteric, whether psychic, or by use of oracle, are purely about our inner being and how to cope; we alone are responsible for our choices - which I'm certain would have been made clear at the talk you attended with Regis! YAM xx

  4. Continued good thoughts for Bart.

  5. I've had many readings done by psychics. I even took a psychic development class. Some psychics are better than others.

    If your friend's psychic isn't pushing her to go see professionals (accountants, lawyers, etc), then I wouldn't trust the psychic. The psychic could say that they see something coming in or not, but they are not an expert on what can or cannot be done.

  6. Fingers and toes crossed your son will be all right!
    That dream is very weird. Reckon it let´s you know you can do no more but be there for your son? Give your love, that´s all.

  7. Sending good thoughts.

  8. Sending positive thoughts for Bart! No I have never wanted to go to a psychic before Dora, I like surprises 😀


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