Monday, May 22, 2017

Now Back To A Normal Life

I yet haven't figure what is normal life. It would be a lot easier if I gave asking about life question.
Question time...what is the last odds thing you google...History of making men erect...As some of you know I do Genealogy or family history.
Some of my past relatives did have bunch of rug rats. There been old men who had young wives more then 30 years apart.  Ended up having bunch of children, 8 or more some even had 15 kids.
Things like viagra came out in 1998, I guess what sort of things men way back then use to have erection. They work a lot harder back then they do now. But they did mange to reproduce.

Not saying I didn't have moments with my sons. But as adults no trouble. Sawyer the only thing he did was disrupted the entire cafeteria in middle school by setting off a stink bomb.
Well Liz is still having issue with her son Paul. He won't drink and something trigger him and he starts to binge drink.
Some how he end up over WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS  Not quite a seven hour drive from Bonners Ferry.
Well he was so drunk and going down the wrong side of road. Plus his tabs was expired, no insurance, no driver liaisons, and multi arrest.
When he get drunk he treats his mom like shit. Calls her all nasty names and even pisses on her leg.
It lucky he hasn't killed anyone. I hope he can get the right type of help. See when he not drinking he does fine. And is quite likeable.
Then her ex Earl hadn't been around for a while. But she had a video of him go on. Any how he sound completly  like idiot. He was smoking orjel and was thinking about buying it by the case.
Then that day he mount a propane tank thinking it was his Harley.

I post about my friend GRACES passing and couldn't get a photo of her up.
She tried to make a world a better place and expected nothing in return.

I once again cut my calories down by 25 calories this up coming week. My daily intake calories should be 1,847.
Almost to 1,800 calories and I'm going to maintain that for a while.
I need to get more exercise in.

Still looking for DONATION for Ms Daisy. The other day I took $30 out of my last check and put it my snow people can.
But remember I match up to $50.

Murphy mowed the lawn today and I know people who are much older and don't seem to get exhaust as much as he does.

Getting closer and closer getting the locker hook rug done.
Lap top is running much better. Still can't get photos off my camera on to the computer and would love to take photos of area and share then with you.

WOOF AND WEAR just came out with there new summer line. Part of profit goes to local animal shelter.
Statement time....I don't what there over head is so not sure of profit margin. But anyone who makes the world a better place is a better for doing it.

Coffee is on


  1. Peppy, I have come to believe there is no such thing as a "normal life".

  2. Hari OM
    Normal is a relative thing; what is normal for one is not for another. Whatever our own 'normal' be, it is based upon the regularity of its condition. It is the disruption of the regularity with which we are familiar that causes us to ask the question... YAM xx

  3. I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a normal life anymore these days Dora, the world seems to be going crazy! Your friend Grace has a kind face 😊

  4. That is sad about your friend's son and I don't think there is an easy answer.

  5. It is very sad when a person drinks and becomes a danger and a rude, nasty idiot to others. I have never understood that. I drink occasionally, but when I get tipsy, I get rather jolly and do not cause any sort of ruckus.

    Smoking Oragel?!?! Damn, I had never heard of that one! That sounds very insane. How does that fellow act when he does that? I can only imagine it is not good.

    Sorry you are experiencing these troubles, Peppy. You deserve better.

  6. I think what's 'normal' today isn't normal tomorrow. Why fret on something as living for today?

  7. It's all relative, Peppy. You do you and who else has a problem with it can suck it. Twice.

  8. Binge drinking not a good thing.

    A knitter I follow on Instagram is working on a project that looks a lot like a locker hook rug. His name is Franklin Habit. (He's rather famous. He's written a couple books.) You might be interested in seeing what he's done.

  9. Mmmm... weirdest thing I've googled? How to change your own door knobs? I guess it's not that weird, but just not the usual things I look up.


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