Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Two Birds In One Scoop.

Since Monday or lease yesterday was fill and Tuesday is my weigh in. So I'm combine two days of life happen with me.
Eating is first priority on this posting.

Breakfast...Egg, biscuit, and sausage patty.
Lunch...fries, and Ruben sandwich.
Dinner...finished up my other sandwich and fries.
Snack....graham crackers and ice cream bar.

Breakfast...steel cut out with raisin, and blueberries
Lunch...radishes, graham cracker sandwich with peanut butter, and slice of cheese.
Dinner...Johnson brats, mash potatoes, and spinach salad.

Snack...cheese, strawberry, and fry pie.

Some days and more then I real need to put I want to know which charter of Simpson is more like me. Three different quiz and all different results.
I end up with SANTA LITTLE HELPER , KRUSTY THE CLOWN , MARGE Confession time...I feel like the charter LISA SIMPSON The reason I say I feel Lisa Simpson. I find other culture interesting and they all need to be embrace and respected. Although I rather be a visitor then join.
But it seem like my mom side and not all of them. But seem to be close heart. The other day one of my relative posted this on FACEBOOK I know three people including my self report this to facebook, and I would guess more. But quite a few of my relative agreed with his statement.
So I feel so much like and outsider with my own family. I know a few of us have open mind and hearts.

Quite a few of my crocus are in bloom. Murphy got some peppers started. He in quite a bit of pain. Friday he will be seeing the doctor.
When he stand to long on hard surface it does something, and his legs get like jello.
Almost finish with my quilt. Yesterday Monday I went over to Troy Montana. Cut out my back piece and iron my edging strip. It now to put together.
Guess next time around she will be doing the LOVER KNOT quilt. Those classes start in October.

But my friend LaWalla is doing a RAG QUILT It something I would attempt to try. 

 But before I tackle that I believe I need purchase a WALKING FOOT for my sewing machine.

One letter written today. Liz is still in Utah. Her daughter and she went to Mormon conference. Thought she might enjoy a hand written letter. Telling her I'm thinking of her and hope she is having a joyful visit.

Did a little more in my family history. I been working mainly now on the Shirley side. Look though and there 25 pages of census out Philadelphia.
But I got lucky I found a little more on the Miller line. My dad mother maiden name was Miller. One of the Miller I'm related to his parents name him AA. I have to wonder why a parent would name there child with just letter. He is 2nd great uncle who dad was Augusta and his mom Mary Allen.
Work for railroad as an engineer in East St Louis Illinois in the 1870 census.

Sure hope all the information and paper work is giving to our accountant. So he can finish up our taxes.
A little worried about the property we sold.
Question time...Have you worried about something and you know you could do anything about?

Still looking for donation for Ms Daisy. There is a link on right hand side of blog called “Daisy Teeth Cleaning” and I'm willing to match it up to $50.
Plus I'm putting $20 each pay period.

Coffee is on


  1. That Lover Knot quilt says it's an easy skill level. I think I would be confused as soon as I laid it out. Pretty though.
    I don't know anyone who doesn't like to receive a snail mail letter. :-)

  2. I'm sorry you're dealing with such closed-minded relatives.

  3. I agree with Songbird. Life is too short for this kind of nastiness.
    BTW, your quilt is beautiful.

  4. Never seen a walking foot, would like to have one myself.

  5. Yup, I frequently worry about things I have no control over. Trying to work on that...

    Oooh, a walking foot. Those are cool.

    And thanks for stopping by Talking It Out. That's a little venture a couple other bloggers and I are doing this month. I was glad to see you there.

  6. I had to look up "graham cracker"! That quilt is awesome - but try not to worry about stuff you have no control over, it´s useless, huh....

  7. Is that your quilt? The purple one? It's gorgeous. I like the rag quilt a lot too.
    I've heard of walking feet, but never seen one, looks like a good thing to have for quilting.

  8. Love the quilt hanging over the chair. The biggest thing I've ever quilted was a baby quilt for my first grandchild - and it got stolen with our car when it was in the boot (trunk) of on its way to my daughter's house. I never quilted since, but I have the utmost admiration for others who do.

  9. I'm not sure which Simpsons character, if any, I identify with. But my brother loved Bart so much when he was a kid that, for a time, he would answer only to Bart rather than his actual given name! ;b

  10. Love the quilts. As for me, I'm not a big worry person, so I generally don't worry.

  11. I'm a peanut butter fan. I'd probably have mine with banana or apple though too.


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