Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Some Days Honesty Can Be Diffucult.

Yesterday Monday I was taking Regis to his appointment in Sandpoint. Some how Wills was brought up in conversation.
And I don't what exactly was said. But something was said and it hit an hurtful spot with in my soul.
I try not to be bitter about things of the past.
This is how basically my parents will was written up. If either one of my parents went first the other one would of gotten the spouse part.
If they both went at the same time. I would of gotten $1.00 and it would of gone to my Aunt Eve.
Well my dad went first and then my mom. She never up-dated her will.
And when she went my Aunt said...It's all yours...had to hire an lawyer to sign her off. But I have wonder if her husband had pass on if she would of kept it.
I did get my inheritance. But still when estate are brought up and I find it some what painful to deal with.

So yesterday when I did my mood face over at fitday. Under happiness I had to Happiness to unhappy, stress to neutral, and angry was angry. I don't like these feeling. But this is how I felt yesterday.
Weigh in was good at T.O.P.S weight lost 3 weeks in a roll. On the T.O.P.S scale I was down half pound and there scales said I weigh 221.75

Got my bullet journal. Made an yearly calender, and monthly calender for month of may. Those I'm please with. But did a weekly calender for the month of May. Once I got it set up and I already see what I will do different., for June.
I believe the way I got my spending tracker and budget set up will work. Not saying they won't be room for improvements.
Also have pages for the weather and how many steps.
I'm going to leave it like that...But I didn't have a page for monthly, weekly or daily goals.
But by end of May I can figure what work and didn't work. " remember I'll match up to $50.
Reminder on the right hand side of my blog is a link for my little doggy "Daisy teeth cleaning"  remember I'll match up to $50.

Wednesday no work we're taking the pick up in. Not sure what all needs to be done. Not sure if this is correct term I believe the leaf spring is broke.
We're talking about renting a shampooer and if I had my way. I would take all the carpet out and put in something like vinyl flooring.

Today my youngest son Bart just turn 26. I wasn't sure what to get him, and ancestry had there DNA kit on sale. So I order one for him.
Both Murphy, my self, and Sawyer all have dark hair. But Bart is lighter hair, even at one time he was a toe head.

Coffee is on


  1. DH said there was some DNA test for predisposition of certain diseases. I suspect he is worried about having an early heart attack. I try to get him to eat more fruits and vegetables and not all the bread and hamburger - I think diet has a lot to do with it too.

  2. DNA kits turn up interesting stuff. that's a good idea for a present.
    I dont' look forward to either parent dying , they both divorced and remarried. as far as I can make out I will get nothing from either set. I have an older sibling who has already purchased my mothers house.. so my mother can have a good time spending that on holidays and getting to enjoy herself... my father went on to have another family of several so I'll get nothing there.
    I have what I have. and it isn't much. hey ho.

  3. Hari OM
    I wouldn't want to do a mood chart today (my birthday) as it is not at optimum... and suspect if I look too deeply it will prove to be rather black. All this repair business over here is taking its toll. YAM xx

  4. I think i answered some of your today questions on last post Dora ☺ I think your son will be very happy with his birthday present, it's a bit unusual and could he could find out some interesting things he wasn't aware of ☺

  5. It's okay to be angry. It's only when you fight the feeling that it lingers.

    Some people and their wills... My grandfather left my mother everything when he passed. She was his stepdaughter. He left his son nothing. My mother divided everything with him. She assumed that her stepfather just hadn't taken much time to work out the particulars of his will. (Some people don't pay attention to such things. But it hurts nonetheless.)

  6. Wow, you sure are strictly organized!

  7. Happy Birthday to your son. Sorry you're not feeling happy right now. I'm with you on the carpet. We are slowly ripping ours out and will be replaced with vinyl. Dog-friendly and within our price point, and waterproof.

    PS: Very cool about the jam, I will have to make that. So far, I eat them outright and put them in my dairy-free ice cream. Had no idea they were sweet. Amazing what Mother Earth has on offer.

  8. Wills...it seems no one iis ever 'happy' with them...but my philosophy it's better to have it go to a famiky member than the state.


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