Thursday, April 27, 2017

Post Name You Got Me

Quite a Few times I never know what call my post...Or even time I thought of starting my post...something like...Dear Post...To those who listen.....
I have to say I'm starting to come around after finding about Bart Tumor. There is a lot in his favor.
I've been taught you don't jump to conclusion until all the facts are in. This up coming Friday he seeing an neurologist in his office and they'll go from there.

Let see just a short time I spent time tossing Daisy her Bear. I won't toss her red ball in the house. Might break something, and that wouldn't been good

Well Ziggy the cat would sat and watch. By the puzzled look on his face he thinks we couple of crazy.
Still will match any donation up to $50 for DAISY TEETH. It been a while since any donations.

In the news they been talking about Trump new taxes. I often wonder why some many pages. We're
far from rich and ours is 14 pages. After all done said our income for $15,500 which is
POVERTY and I never cared for that word "Poverty" I rather use "Low Income" I've never lived in squalor or became un-kept.

Still looking for my 2nd great grand pa "John Shirley" no luck, but I did find a photo of my husband 2nd great grandma Helen Marie Vandoren.
As far as I can see she had 14 children.

Friday weigh in and the morning Murphy and I going to my mother cousin Jim who pass away 18th of this month. Had to look on Ancestry to find out he was born in Mitchell Nebraska, on the 30th of November 1930.
His parents was Charles "Clifford" and Florence Masterson McCalmant. He had one older sister Elda who has also passed.
One younger brother still living. He has 3 remaining daughters, and buried a son who died the same day he was born, nothing more. A son Robert birth and death listed as same day.
In 1935 looks like his resident was in Portland Oregon, 1949 he listed in the navy. Also lived in Kellogg and was married numerous times.
Hopeful more will come....I don't believe our local paper carried his obit.

Coffee is on


  1. I never know what to call my posts, either.

  2. Seems like you have found more old pictures than I did when I did Ancestry. Good job!

  3. My income is also listed as poverty, but I have enough to eat and clothes to wear. A lot of people on the same income are more poor because they smoke and drink and those two things are more expensive than buying food, so they never have enough money.
    I used to worry about what to call my posts, but I don't post much these days except my regular Sunday, Monday and Wednesday posts which always have the same titles.

  4. Lol about Ziggy.

    Continued good thoughts for Barry.

  5. Sometimes a name doesn't come to me until after I post it. Other times, a name hits right away. Sending good wishes to your son.

  6. Hari OM
    you are so correct about waiting for more info and working with the day, rather than letting too much 'what if' creep into thinking.

    Apart from one brief period in my 30's I too have always fallen below the 'breadline' figure, but despite having to budget very tightly, have never considered myself 'poor'. I agree that low income would be so much better a term.

    When you look at the photos available to you, do you find yourself seeing a 'likeness' coming through in your living family? I love when we can do that... YAM xx

  7. Post titling can sometimes be tricky and an idea will just not come.
    It is easier when you post a recipe idea, like many of mine are!

    I've even seen some bloggers just number their posts!

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  8. Pretty wide ranging post. Hard to call it anything. Lots going on right now.

  9. Fourteen children! Times were certainly different back then. I wonder how people from the past would view your lifestyle that's now considered "poverty"?


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