Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Over by a Bit

216 calorie over my daily allowance. I'm trying to keep my calorie count right now around 2,022. I haven't yet record in activity or the body shape. On FITDAY.

Took Regis down to see the infectioness control doctor. He likes the super hero and any thing in that line. We stop at what was once hasting. He found one on sale. But not sure which one he got.
After his appointment I stop in at Jo Ann and got me six and half inch TEMPLETE RULER. At Jo Ann it was a little more. Had 40% off coupon.
Then stop at micheals and got some stickers, had a 40% off coupons.

I been sending letters to pen pals who lives west of the rockies mountains. I took a few minutes to look at some interesting paper to make ENVELOPES. But a few larger bills came up this month. Car insurance, and 2 rigs that needs tabs, we will get the money back from the sons.
Oh yes and hospital just under $60.
Then take care of property tax stuff. We get discount because of our income is under $29,640 net and Murphy is a senior.

Daisy is going have to wait a few more minutes she wants me to toss her ball. Remember on the right hand side of the blog is a link called "Daisy teeth cleaning"
Rain most of the day.
As for the doctor, and I meant some real "Jerk" on this job. He seem ok. Actual he reminds me PEE WEE HERMAN

Enjoy reading every one answer to yesterday QUESTION. I have say stress level cut way back sense I cut majorly back on facebook. To much polarize politics over there. Only comment once on my grand daughter first birthday.
Still haven't got around to figure the issue with the computer and photos.
Maybe the 14th I might be come slightly active on facebook. Just don't want people thinks I complete drop off the earth.

Coffee is on


  1. Michael's and Joann's are having some nice coupons this week. I'm going to have to go over there and get some yarn...

  2. I don't do much on facebook anymore, too much BS.
    I always liked the coupons and specials at Hobby Lobby, haven't been in a while though.

  3. I don't have a FB account but I hear lots of bad and good about it. Lately, more bad. Either way, I don't care for FB so I've stayed away, but I'll never say never.

    Good deal on your property taxes being reduced. That's a neat thing. Funny about your dog wanting a ball thrown. I love pets, they're great fun.

  4. I love how you write about that dog, you must really love her.

  5. Interesting about Facebook. I only look at mine every few days and most of my FB friends are family.

  6. I have need been on Facebook . . . .

  7. Hari OM
    Nope. No booking face for me. I loves my blogpals! Your Q&A was a great idea... maybe once a week another set? &*> ... ugh... don't mention bills. This roof repairs over my community building is going require a remortgage. yeeecch.... YAM xx

  8. FB really is good, I think, esp when you have friends in a different time-zone.


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