Sunday, March 05, 2017

Times What Every Might Equal.

I wasn't going to let my self head pound it self on the desk. I found how to fix the usb port but it should be easy. But I'm finding it frustrating and I won't let it get above 3.9 today. Or I could handle a 5.
So when I calm down a bit. I might give it anther try.

So I went back though some of my post for last month. And choice some at random. Truth be told I let MATH GOODIES random number do it.

One thing is usual a good simple thing to have conversation is about the weather. I haven't yet meant any one who can do any thing about the weather.
But if you bring up climate change. Then you might get some people might have some type of reaction.
It been snowing off and all different size of snow flakes been coming down. But the amount on the ground isn't gaining much.
Usual way before now we would have been in the 50's (10)
I guess if weather like this I do miss seeing the sign of flowers.

Well I posted how I mess up cutting a piece for quilt I'm making, so I had to get a ½ a yard (0.45) of fabric.
Usual around here our fabric will go for $10.00 a yard (.091) give take either way. I got all excited for spending under $5 for the fabric.
Gee it not bargain is it. Still retail.
But now I got all the blocks cut. For my class on Monday.

One of my post I ask “If you had to sell your town...what would it be” Here it is the friendly people. A simple smile from some one can change one attitude. Usual for the better.

But it would be nice if our area had a little more multi culture, race, religions, or such.
Give you an ideal what our community as for race...94% Caucasian, 3% Hispanic, 2% Multi Race, and 1% American Indian.
Main line Religion here is Evangelical Protestant, and two would be the Mormons and Mennonites. But rest of faiths are so small or they stay in closet.  
One good thing now we have the PEARL THEATER

Been getting a little more time on the tread mill. And still trying to get vote for Ms BOO she first dog in photo. Then still raising funds for DAISY 

Coffee is on


  1. My area has all sorts of ethnic groups. I think it might be a culture shock to some. I guess it's just what you're used to.

  2. I wish I had room for a tread mill. It's been on my mind for some time but there is just no place
    to put it and it's too cold in the garage.

    I've never tried quilting but I find the history of quilts very interesting. The underground railroad for
    runaway slaves would have coded messages on quilts, directing them where to go. The quilts would
    be hung on the line. I guess some of the basic patterns are still popular today.

  3. I live in the Bible Belt, mostly white, southern types here. It's almost like time hasn't changed, just the fashions.

  4. My area is mostly white I think, but there are Afghani people, Asians, Indians (from India not American Indians), some Africans. Even the white people are from different cultures, Greeks, Italians, Germans and so on.
    Australia altogether is pretty multicultural by now with people coming from everywhere.

  5. A mix of different ethnic groups is good, just not too many from one group. Religion, bah. Keep it to yourself. I wonder if the theatre building is still a real church?

  6. I like your attitude. We all have to learn from our mistakes

  7. I live between two towns, in a pure white, Republican area. We do have one African American family. He is a doctor, she an attorney. The kids went to school in my grand daughter's class, or I would have never met them. We have a few Asian families. They are professors at a nearby college.
    The town west of me was once the Seat of the Michigan KKK, back in the 30's and it is still very white. I saw one black couple there at the Walmart the other day, which kind of startled me. Not that it bothered me, but because it is the first time in my 14 years here.

  8. Have all sorts of folks here.

  9. Well, we used to have mainly Turkish Muslims but now the refugees from Afganistan etc come in, too. Most of them all refuse to adapt, sadly. Asian people learn German and everything, that´s really nice. Lots of Russians, too, they also keep to themselves.
    Americans mainly professional Football-/Basketball-players! I love American Football (and hate soccer/Hooligans) - you sent us some fab players! :-)

  10. Happy Quilting. I used to work in a fabric shoppe and boy, was it ever fun to cut different pieces of fabric for folks. Sometimes, they'd bring in their quilts. Fun stuff.

  11. How to fix a usb port!!!! And you did! Sort of. I don't even know what a usb port is.

    Think it is one of those little rectangular places, where we can plug wires, by their little rectangular end. Clear as mud, I know. lol

    Good luck with fixing it. Good luck with any/all techy stufffff!

    Ahhh, you understand Venus in retrograde. Is it "bad' or "good," to you? I've heard both ways.. Well, with another planet that is....

  12. Oh yes, I love your mistakes quote. It really is true and a defining characteristic of people I most appreciate.

  13. Perth is a really multicultural city Dora, it certainly makes life more interesting 😊😊

  14. we usually get lots of rain so things are green and clean.

  15. How would I sell my town? It's on the edge of the beautiful Gower peninsular and you can buy the best cockles in the world and hot welshcakes in the market!


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