Saturday, March 11, 2017

First and Last Steps

First thing I stuck in my mouth was some scrambled eggs.

Issue keeps growing with the laptop but I can still share my day. Confession attention span seem to be lacking. Every so often I might figure of doing something, but I don't I guess we all have our lazy day.

Once a month our pagan group meets at local establishments, and some time we go to place they serve spirits.
We went to MEL'S KITCHEN both Murphy and I had bowl of clam chowder which was very good.
Other had burgers and fries. To me smell and look yummy. One ate a sandwich.
Not much faith talking that's left to last Wednesday of the month. I believe the topic we will be on is colors.
Usual there 4 in our study group. I would like to see maybe a few more at our study group. But around here which is highly conservative Christians. They don't have less trouble with EARTH RELIGION OR FAITH 
So they can share.
Other making each laugh we did a little talking about bring funds in to the group. And for we are small group and non of us are overly wealthy
So we thought of possible trying to sell some crafts, and having a yard sale this summer.

Did a little work on my tarot card deck. Still working on eight cups (hearts) which represents Sacrifice to give up something.

Sure glad Liz called. See I promise her that I would take her to pick up her food boxes from the Bishop STORE HOUSE, well a truck brings it up.
Haven't seen other area of Mormon faith but what I hear the ones up here are pretty good. Liz told me she once ask for help at anther ward in Utah.
You need to ask the bishop of your ward. He looked at her and ask what would Jesus do. She look at him and said "Jesus wouldn't let a middle age lady go hungry and that would Jesus do"
So they brought her pack of hot dogs and some peanut butter.
The one here she got a generous amount.
I real like how there welfare is set up but the other things in there faith I just can't except. Like most christian faith they put men to be superior over woman.
All in all glad Liz got what she did.

Like most of our subsidies program it never seems to be kept up with the times. Sure Liz will be able to find a place around $400 and sure the subsidies will help. But usual a place that cheap usual it not well insulated and it will eat you up in heat.
But I think she should talk to her bishop and see if the church can help partly. SECOND PARAGRAPH pretty much lays it out.
It would be an improvement now her rent is $400 plus heat and lights can run her some where between $50 and $200.
So her income is $750 don't give you much to live on.

This afternoon it start to rain and last thing I put in my mouth was graham cracker with peanut butter.

Coffee is on


  1. It' is a crime that the richest country in the world has so many people living in poverty and dependent upon the charity of others.

  2. Can't imagine them only coming up with hot dogs and peanut butter. I'm glad they have come up with better in your area. Near as I know, Mormons take care of as many as they can. Lovely people.

  3. Hari OM
    Don't think of 8cups as 'giving up'; rather, that to move on, surrendering old habits/relationships may be required. It is also about searching more deeply within (something most folks avoid, cuz is means 'getting real'!) and can definitely be associated with more meaningful spiritual researches.

    Which ties in nicely with the 2nd part of your post; true Christian faith holds no prejudices nor segregations. Sadly, the doctrines of different 'churches' do not necessarily reflect Christ's teachings accurately. They get 'interpreted' according to Man's own folly. The good thing is that majority of institutions, irrespective of the rest of doctrine, have charity and social care built in and so it is that we find soup kitchens, shelters and food parcels available from many sources... the same would be true of all faith structures in fact. Basic human values emerge, regardless of beliefs. Praise the heavens for that; in any single family, it is the duty of those who are more capable to look out for those who are less so. The human race is one family; it just forgets it sometimes!!!

    ...and now you got me wanting some peanut butter &*> YAM xx

  4. Does Welfare pay for her Medicare, so it isn't taken out of her Social Security check? That would be another $100+ a month to her income if they did.

  5. I'm glad your friend got some help. In our town there is a place maintained by area churches of many denominations that will give a weeks worth of groceries to most anyone in need. And I think our pastor would want to bring back flogging if he learned someone in our church refused to share food with someone who was hungry. ;) Just because the building looks like a church, it doesn't mean everyone inside is Christian, just like if I stood in a police department in a blue uniform, I still wouldn't be a policeman.
    Barbara from Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  6. Speaking of attention span - I seem to be getting worse as I get older. I really have to concentrate to stay on one task at a time - otherwise I flit between multiple and never really accomplish anything.

  7. They brought her hotdogs and peanut butter?? What good is that? Should bring her more basic food, bread, milk, vegetables and fruit as well. And enough for at least a few days.
    I really don't like when she asked for help and they said "What would Jesus do?"

  8. Has your pagan group thought about doing readings for people? Or are you the only one that reads cards? You all could set up some Saturday or other and read for the public. Maybe?


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