Thursday, March 09, 2017

Now Out To Hunt.

Today we went and took the last few papers down to Courd'Alene for her SECTION 8 housing voucher.
Only two items to send them. And up dated letter of her reward letter from social security and photo ID she a little worried because every other piece of ID has one name. But her liason ID has anther name.
Long story but her case management needs to handle that.
There going to try to fill divorce under abandonment. So she needs to run a piece in legal section of some paper.   Or possible for desertion.
I can say her husband was here things didn't add up. And he had a FREUDAIN SLIP about his taxes.

She can get a up to a two bedroom place. They figure a 2 bedroom place market value is $459 here in Boundary County.
She has to pay a third of her income which will be $250. So let say she finds a place for $425 she will pay $250 and her subsidy will be pay $175. she you can fine places for that price around here. But it won't be the Hilton either.

I now have to wonder what happen to her, Liz that is. At times when she goes into a restaurant needs to act up. And make a scene over about everything. Drama plain and simple and it embarrassing. Wasn't this bad this time around. She claim they turn up the air condition when they want people to leave.
Complain to the manger.
Anyhow she has PPD along with other issues. Usual other places she doesn't go off as frequently, believe me this wasn't nothing. At time I just want to crawl under the table.

We stop at the GOODWILL when we was down there. Confession time...When I cloth shop I have horrible anxiety.
I even love colorful, wild fashion, and comfortable as well. But only dream about wearing them.
See I only will try on three thing and it depends how it goes I may or not try on more.
I was child who dad had no trouble making an example and shamming me. Which I mention in my blog before.
Simple I like to keep a low profile.
As for my parents dress. My mom clothing was usual match and put together. When she went out she dress appropriate to the place or occasion.

Now my dad wasn't as fashionable.   Most of the time he wore overhauls the pinstripes ones. Well when I went to school kids made fun of way my dad dress. I just want to crawl under the table. See my dad grayed quite young. I even recall purchasing hair color for him and I was mortify he wouldn't use the hair color I got him.
See I have some type of fear when it comes to shopping.

Well I did spend a little time on the tread mill.
Breakfast...BLT Sandwich.
Lunch...Ate at the OLIVE GARDEN and Liz paid and she worst off then me. So I'm going to wide a $20 in her place so she will fine it.
That will cover my part of the bill.Dinner...I cut down because lunch was so filling. Pork steak, bake potato, and kale.
Good snack...half of an apple with peanut butter.

Well I need to put in my two favor links one of course is DAISY teeth cleaning and possible other vet bills. Remember I match donation and I also been putting back $20 out of my pay check.
Boo is over 400 votes. Please cast your vote for BOO she is first pooch and her theme is "poopin in the winter wonderland"

Coffee is on


  1. Those blue striped overalls is exactly what I'm looking for in a tiny size to put on one of my teddy bears(actually a baby chimpanzee toy)but can't find anything like that. I'll probably have to buy fabric and make some. I keep stuffed toys around in case little kids visit, but only little one left right now is my grand-nephew age 3.

  2. It is the duty of parents to embarrass their children and your father performed his duty, but are you performing your duty to embarrass your children?

  3. Ha! Andrew got there before me, i was going to say exactly that 😀 your friend Liz sounds like she's pretty high maintenance Dora, I think we all have a friend like that!

  4. ive always been interested in how our parents shape our lives, how things that happen in our childhood stay with us forever.

  5. My ex father-in-law wore those striped overalls. When they went out for a special occasion, he wore a white dress shirt and his newest pair of overalls.

  6. You are such a good friend to Liz.

  7. Hari OM
    I was blessed with parents who believed in building their offsprings' self-esteem; then again, mother hand-made all our clothes right up into teenage years, cuz there wasn't the money for store-bought. Result was we never really learned to shop and to this day I consider clothes buying a chore... YAM xx

  8. Hello peppylady. I am glad I stopped by and thank you for visiting my blog. I need to read some of your older posts to better understand all that is going on but I hope all is well. Take care.

  9. It feels weird to get out of your comfort zone, but after a while, that becomes the new comfort. So, I say get the bright colors. Wear what you want. Enjoy it. It'll only feel weird at the beginning.


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