Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Weekends Gone

Had plan to post on Monday. Weekend like all usual was quite. We had a long weekend, Monday was PRESIDENT DAY so quite bit was close or super good buys.
I think we should have FOUNDERS DAY. Lot of people played an important role of building the United States.
One never says much about the woman during the colony days. But there are WOMAN who played an important roll. Such as MOLLY PITCHER
Question time....If you could do a holiday or celebration what would you do?...

Our weight lost group we're doing a little contest. Later on I'll give all the details. But one thing is to keep a journal.
Which I do part of my blog. But this time I decide to change it up a bit.
Not claiming to be a great artist. But decide to draw what I eat and little about my day. Although I didn't show entire thing. But my goal is to loose a lease three...quarter pound a week or no more then 3 pounds in week.
But today I was up. Tuesday I'm going to give my naughty day...

My daughter in law is doing a fund raiser though Go Fund Me...called LADY BOO DOG FOR SOUTH HUMANE
$10 will put my dog Daisy over the $650 for her dental and possible other vet bills. There is a link on the right hand side of blog called, "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"

Two letters written one going to California, and the other going to Rhode Island. On my food journal I drew a map of each state.
Work went ok. Took Regis to his speech therapy and Took Liz on some errands.
Got around the edge on my locker hook rug and now filling in the center.

Coffee is on


  1. The weekend did go fast. We had preview of the movie channels on the television all weekend. I can't think of any holiday I'd like to make.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I just read a little of yours and enjoyed it. I must say no making holidays for me. I prefer Mondays and country roads. Paula from south Texas.

  3. I'd have "Couch Potato Day"

    They named a rest stop on the Jersey Turnpikefor Molly, so there's that.

  4. We make up 50% of the population but don't get the recognition we deserve. Molly Pitcher is just one example.

  5. Isn't the 4th of July kind of like a Founder's Day?

  6. I would love a day for Founder's Day!! We do have President day but there is no celebration for it. I think Founder's day could be a big celebration. Not only for who founded the country. Yet a Founder's day could also be used to explain the history of one's city. Plus, those who helped founding the city. It would be cool to learn to see it.

  7. What a great question! I have to think a little longer about what holiday I'd make.

  8. A picture journal is an interesting way to keep track of your food.My bathroom scales tell me I've lost 3 and a half kilos since New Year's Day, but I can't see it on myself yet. I know my shorts are a bit looser around the waist.
    I don't know what I would choose for a holiday, we already have Australia Day and then there is Christmas and Easter. Plus I'm retired, so every day is like a holiday.

  9. Crikey that's an easy one for me ... I'd like to have an ICECREAM day. A holiday where we all get to eat ICECREAM all day! S'pose that's no good for losing weight though, aye?
    It was so nice of you to say you would take me to the farmers Market and not leave me in the car but ... How bad is this?????? NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED at the farmers markets. How unfair is that????

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog! I daily journal is good for most things and I understand fat...I have a few extra pounds that I don't like but I was treated to these extra pounds when I started menopause. I had a lot more over 10 years ago but then I got divorced...nyuck, nyuck. I would want Remembrance Day to be an official holiday. The government offices have the day off but it is not a national holiday and considering that so many gave their lives for us to have what we have never mind that Canada became a true nation when we showed sour courage during WW1 I think we need that as a holiday.

  11. There seems to be an unofficial holiday for everything. If you google it you could get lost for hours reading about them. Good for a laugh but not much else.

  12. That's easy...Noodle day!
    Have a super Thursday...

    Noodle and crew


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