Saturday, February 11, 2017

Snow Holes

Not sure what these are actual called. But I been using the term “Snow Holes” most of our snow been white fluffy stuff, which is dry and very little water content.
But we had a short spell of sleet a frozen rain and our snow became heavy. I believe the add weight made the snow collapse though out.
But I wish I knew the correct term for it.

Today at work I spend it with Regis. I usual don't work the weekend. But it was a good choice I took off the three day I did. But it going to hurt my pay check.
Well my check came and it was a little better then I thought.

So I match the donation I receive for Daisy. I'm raising money to have her teeth clean. There is a link on right hand side of my blog, “Daisy Teeth Cleaning”

But being Sick and awful weather I was going to Oregon the last of the month. But how things are working out we'll try to go first part of March.

It been a while since Regis been out. So he and I went to library in Sandpoint. Then I treat him to some goodies.
We went over to PINE STREET BAKERY I been to this place a few times in past.

 Lots of pastries to choose from and I would like to try everyone. Knowing it would take a while. Since I don't get end there all that much.
We both had coffee. Regis had almond croissant.
Then I had as shown in photo above. I believe the bar is called a “Dream Bar” and the pink little cookies I just can't recall them.
Saw sign they offer gluten free items. 

The place is in older home. Which isn't easy for those who are disabled because the bathroom is up stairs.
Plus the coffee a bit strong and had to add creamer to mine. I usual drink my coffee black. For the three pastries and 2 coffee. It came to little over $10. Then I place and $1 in the tip basket.

But I find it nice place to enjoy company of your friends.

Remember Liz husband showed up. Well Regis doesn't know but he doesn't know that her husband showed up.
Legally Liz and Regis are Ex In-laws. Regis was once married to Liz Sister.
Regis is in lot of way over protective, possessive, and controlling with Liz.
I know Regis will not be happy with Liz hubby being in town. It doesn't matter who Liz has he isn't going to like
So I suggest she talk to her Therapist about how to let Regis know about it. I'm not worried about Regis hurting either Liz or husband.
But harming him self.
Sooner or later he needs to know the truth. Confession time...I know it not good to keep this from Regis, but I don't have the tools to approach Regis about it.  
So Regis did get laugh at this sign.

Coffee is on


  1. "Snow Holes" works for me. (At least it isn't yellow, haha)
    Bakery coffee shop - Looks like a good place for talking.

  2. Those snow holes can be tricky especially if you don't see them, a sprained ankle would not be good. The coffee shop looks like a nice place to sit and have a conversation.
    Thanks for stopping by m blog-

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. I love the "hippies" sign.

    I think you need to get yourself together and tell Regis about Liz's husband. He's going to find out sooner or later, and you don't want him to be angry with you.

  4. The 'hippies this way' made me smile Dora, the pink pastry looks like a macaron, so delicious ☺

  5. What a cool little pastry shop!
    Maybe Liz should tell Regis?

  6. How deep are those holes? And how deep has the snow gotten this winter? :O

  7. Morning...I am not normally a big coffee drinker. I used to drink every morning when I worked to sort of jump start me....haha. Did not do decaf I had the full leaded stuff! But this morning I headed out with a friend for a little breakfast and coffee. Mine came to 4.91 for two eggs, two pieces of toast and all I could drink (2 cups) of coffee. Not bad. Not sure what your snow holes are really called. But I just wished you would send some my way....not the holes, the snow.!!!

  8. I just can't wrap my head around being so cold! ;-)

  9. I don't think it's your job to tell Regis. I think that's Liz's responsibility. She'd better say something soon or he may bump into the husband. That might get sticky.

  10. I thought the hole might have been caused by an animal burrowing down. Shows I know nothing about snow.

  11. It looks like a charming little tea house and what delightful little cakes.
    Life's complications but still life goes on and the best usually comes forth.
    Follow the hippies, I alway say. They know. LOL


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