Wednesday, February 08, 2017

I'm Kicking The Surname Out

Yesterday I posted about one of my lines are the end of it. I should of made it more clear and state..."The surname of WITHERELL is coming to end".
I have no first or second cousin living with the last name of "WITHERELL" At this point the only cousin I can fine that carries the surname of Witherell would be 4th cousin and back.
Since I have two son and they took there surname of "Vandenberg".
Dug a little more though the Philadelphia census 1850 for my 2nd great grand dad. Still haven't found them yet.

Still feel plugged up. Mainly resting. I haven't been to work yet. I'm going to try a light day of it tomorrow. I won't get my entire week end. My assign hours are 30 hours a week. I'm guessing this week I will only get in 12 hours. So my check will be smaller.
There no sick days for in home care giving. That's how it is.

Still looking for donation for Ms Daisy, there is link on right hand side of blog called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"
I believe my check being on the smaller size I will only be able to stick $10 in can.

Been cutting or trying to cut strips for a rag rug I want to do. For the rag rug I cut the strips 2 inches across. Then for the locker hook ones I cut 1.5 inches. Kept getting the two mix up.

Still dealing with snow, and according to weather report looks like rain might be coming Thursday and which means slop.

Didn't post what I ate. Did have an apple for afternoon snack.

Coffee is on


  1. Sad to see a surname end. My dad had four sisters, no brothers. I have three sisters, no brothers. Our family name ends with my generation. It's a fairly common name, though, so even though our line ended....

    My daughters are the only ones bearing their father's last name. No first cousins to share with. Again, it's a fairly common name, but ...

  2. It may take more than a couple of days to get rid of your bug. I hope you'll feel well soon.

  3. i've been sick too. i really need to bask in the sun for a few hours but that's a few months off.

  4. Last names do end unfortunately and that lines of course dies out re-males - the large family on my husband's side had no boys but we did, had two :)
    Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Subbing's the same. If I don't work, I don't get paid. And no sick days.

  6. Interesting to think about surnames coming to an end. I suppose with people having less and less children, this is becoming more common.

  7. My brother is the only one left with my father's surname as far as I know. I had a male cousin my age, but don't remember if he is on mum's side or dad's.
    Apples are good, one of my favourite fruits.

  8. I must admit I've never delved into my family history Dora, it seems very popular.. I might have to think about it 😊 Look after yourself, don't do too much too soon!

  9. My father had only daughters, and my sisters all took their husband's names when getting married. Not me, I intend to stay true to our whacky family. We don't plan on having children, so I'll probably be the last of our name ...

  10. My husband has taken up genealogy as a hobby in his retirement. He loves this kind of stuff. He's half Polish, so the variant spelling of Polish names in old records and censuses is an added challenge. Our own surname is a remade Polish surname. When his great grandfather got a job, the foreman said his name (Czechowski) was too difficult to spell, so he said, "I'm writing you down as 'Chase'" and that's been the family's surname ever since.


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