Thursday, February 23, 2017

Doing It This Way

Not sure how the drawing my food journal will work out. It just take to much time. I'm still trying to make my naughty food one day a week.
Some how my pedometer went back to I won't have an accuracy account of my steps. But I park at the Lutheran church and walk down to Alice place

So we went over to A Little More Quilting and Alice got her backing fabric, green. And other supplies.

I got my fabric sort it and this is my main color I will built off of. I still need my backing piece, quilting batting, and pins. Possibly a little more.
This is the main color for my first quilt.

Now about my clients. Regis and I went to Sandpoint we went to there library and got some dvds.
Either one of them I've seen.
My last two before was AVIATOR. Now if the movie left out any part of his mental illness it wouldn't of been as interesting.
Then the other one I watch was THE ART OF GETTING BY a cute fun movie.

Thing aren't going as Liz thought with her new love or maybe I should say return. I won't speculate much on it.
But with her MENTAL ILLNESS it would be hard for her to have a relationship.
I just shake my head that our state of Idaho lets her purchase a gun, and it all legal. Since I work with her she bought a rifle, and recently a small hand gun.
Actual I like her. It a sad state her life.

Still trying to raise fund for Daisy. There is a link on the right hand side of blog called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"
I stop in at liquor store and got bottle of MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH it better darn good. I usual don't drink. But Liz  B.P.D and I call it the Drama disorder. There life is in turmoil. Not sure I believe they couldn't handle a calm an smooth life.

Not sure how long I will continue drawing what I eat. But I been enjoy drawing.


  1. You have been busy in such a great way! I love the sketches!

  2. I am trying to figure out how the state licensing bureau could get information about a person's mental status besides asking. I think that privacy thing we all sign at the doctor's office kind of puts the skids on any kind of lists.

  3. I like your happy little toaster drawing!

  4. I started a new diet today Dora it's called Bodytrim, I think it might be devised by an Australian guy. Looks good, first day over and it was really easy! Living in Australia where guns are not readily available, in fact you have to have very specific reasons to own a gun, I really don't understand the easy access to guns in your country. It would scare the life out of me if I thought people around me might have a gun in their bag!

  5. Access to guns does my head in. Why do ordinary people need guns? I am pleased to report that when we were in New York two years ago, we did not feel the need to have a gun. Crazy stuff and we never felt unsafe in The Big Apple.

  6. The idea of every nut and his brother running around with a gun gives me the creeps. And "concealed carry" is even creepier. I'd rather folks packed their heat in holsters where it could be seen and I could leave the premises if I thought the carrier gave me the willies. I want to find and read an unbiased history of guns and America, because I think the NRA is shading the truth.

    PS Love your sketches.

  7. If you enjoy the drawing, then that's a good enough reason to keep doing it.


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