Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Not Neither

Weigh in at our local T.O.P.S went well. Our entire group had a no gain week. Although a few in or group maintain there weight.
Anther lady and I weigh and keep track of our members.
Confession time....I'm uncomfortable receiving any type of rewards.
I was the third person to weigh in and I was down 1.5 pounds.
Trying to figure out how many was there but that doesn't matter. I'll say there where 8 who weigh in.
I was start to panic that no one lost as much as weight as I did. But our last weigh in I believe was down 2 pounds.
So I was delighted someone lost more then me.
But on the other hand I have the same feelings if I gain the most weight for week. I just like to coast long with out bunch hullabaloo.
Once I get back to 217 I believe from the thrift store for a weight lost. I'll pick up some jewelry. I swear I must in past life had some reason I wore real jewels. I can look and admire them for hours.

Work went well the only one was Regis. The management is having an exception tomorrow at Regis place he get subsidizes for his rent. Once a year he sign some papers and they do a walk though it takes about 5 minutes.
Took him to speech and I went down to the hospital cafe and read the SPOKESMAN PAPER Well this article on REFUGEE it got me ampped, didn't blow a fuse.
It's been a while since I stop in at STARBUCK there a little pricey for me. But once month I could purchase a little something there. This article I find CONTENTMENT. I understand there those who in favor of President Trump policies is avoiding starbuck they have some type of hash tag to avoid starbuck. Not this girl. #waytogostarbuck.

Got both of my $20 to put in my can one for my future ceramic shop and the other one is for Daisy teeth cleaning, and other vet bills There is a link on the right side of my blog "Daisy teeth cleaning" her go fund me page.

 Breakfast...Cheerios  with strawberries and raspberries
Lunch...I'll list them in the naughty foods.
Dinner...chicken, potatoes, and fruit salad
Good food...popcorn
Naughty food...a big cookies, and gelto.
A little time on the tread mill
Now it would be good time to tell what our weight lost group is doing. We're going to have a small contest.
The group decided to have a simple contest four small things to work on. After next meeting I'll give a better run down. But I know one was a point for every 15 minutes of solid exercise.
We also start to keep a graph as a group. Our entire group lost 5 pounds this week.
I was thinking if 10 people lost .75 pounds a week by the end of march we would of lost 60 pounds as a group.

Month is over now we're heading into February and less then two weeks I'll be 57. Not sure which social media site I'll connect my blog with for the month of March.

Coffee is on


  1. You and I are the same age. I'm calling this my "Heinz" birthday --you know, Heinz 57?

  2. Crikey ..... 57!! My Mum wishes she was 57 again. She's 70 something. 57 is a good age.

  3. You are doing well in your weight loss..

  4. We had Starbucks here in Australia for a while. They didn't last long, I think less that a year. People just didn't like the coffee I think. I never tried it myself. We have Hudson's and their hot chocolate is the best. The mocha is really good too.

  5. Oh, to be 57 again! Life starts to get more interesting around now. :)
    Never been to Starbuck's, but I don't like the smell of coffee since I went off it.

  6. Dearest Dora,
    Thanks for your visit and good that you still like your coffee.
    We never liked the Starbucks coffee, it is not a high quality brand (cheap!) and it tastes bitter.
    Our favorite has been the dark roast Douwe Egberts, which is being served a lot here in the USA as well.
    Also the Italian Illy is great. Not the bitter taste.
    Hope your snow drops will soon show up to bring the spring feeling back.

  7. I heard something about the Starbucks boycott. Not my crowd. And I don't do Starbucks (I don't drink coffee), so I'm out of that one.


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