Saturday, January 28, 2017

I'll Have To Re Look It Up.

Start to sew on the pockets on the smock-apron. But now I can't recall where I put the bias tape I bought.
I have hunch it in the sack of clothes I got at the thrift store in Priest River. It been a while since I did any real sewing.
So I'm going to have to look at You tube vidio on how to do bias tape.

Fold up the edges on a locker hook rug. My next step is to draw where the shape goes and such. Then start cutting out the strips.

Finish up work with Regis. Went over to Liz and her husband was there and I won't say anymore. Both her therapist and social work knows the situation.

Payday went to the bank. I got two cans I put $20 each payday in ones for my future dream of having a ceramic shop. The other is for Ms Daisy and I also have a go fund account on the right side of this blog called "Daisy teeth cleaning"
But I forgot the money today for both cans. I can get it Monday.

One thing I honest don't know is what we spend on food. My friend LaWalla says her food bill runs about $600 a month and she a single lady.
Maybe in February I'll keep track of it.

Today I talk LaWalla about her pricey medication and I believe I got the wrong info. I don't see why a parasite medication would be so expensive.
Like I said her diet is hard. She hauls her water she doesn't use water of the faucet. Well she was using one of those water machine. They should be wash out daily the dentist office have to do flush on there water line daily
This is where she figure she got the parasites. From one of those place you fill up your gallon water.

Every so often I dream about my ceramic shop in my basement. I know it won't happen to I'm 60 years old but still it ok to dream.
One of the things I would like to is every month take five piece greenware, bisque, and finished ware.
And have the money go to a charity of some type. I got this ideal from watch some news feature on television, OREGON PUBLIC HOUSE

Coffee is on


  1. Do you get a receipt from the shops where you buy groceries? If you don't, ask for one each time you shop, at every shop you buy foods and drinks from, then add them all up at the end of the month. Then you'll have some idea how much is your grocery spend. Do one add up for summer and one for winter so you can see any difference.
    It's good the social worker knows about the husband.

  2. We spend about $600 a month for the two of us and the pets. It used to be a lot less, but then the price of everything has risen the last couple of years.
    I hope the work on the apron is going well.
    I wondered about that water at the fill your own bottles place.

  3. Dreams are a good thing and they often come true.
    Thank you for dropping by. It is nice to meet you.

  4. We put in AU$140 ($660 per month) US$500 per week to a kitty for food and general supermarket shopping such as household cleaners and some personal care things such as soap and shampoo. There is often money left over, but if we have visitors, that is when the extra is needed. We may have take away food once a fortnight, and that comes out of the kitty. I hope you know the word kitty. But then last week when I worked late at work, I bought my dinner for three nights out of five, Nandos, Noodle Box and Grill'd, so that does make the money build up. We don't put the money in of course when we are away on holidays.

  5. Don't you love YouTube? You can learn to do just about anything now on line.

  6. When I make bias tape, I just fold the fabric in a triangle, then cut strips. If the edges are at a right angle to each other before I fold, then the fold automatically puts it on the bias.

  7. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Groceries just seem to keep going up and up. That's why I love a garden and a fishing license. Those two things will keep you fed and it's all healthy. :)


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