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Monday, January 09, 2017

Here We Are Still

Still trying to located my Grandma Olive Grandfather who lived around Philadelphia , now I'm looking though the KENSINGTON  area. So far no luck.

My car is high center in our drive way. On snow! We're not please with the guy who plowing out our driveway so it time to look for someone else.
So in morning not sure what exactly we're going to do. But will get out, maybe with some brute force. Hopefully not.

Work went ok. Got Regis phone going. It was issue when he had to get a new debt card.
Some how he broke into a rash and had to take him to the emergency room. Our hospital is pretty good getting you into it quickly.
Not sure what rash is from. They gave him so medication.
Thankful he has both medicare and medicaid. Pick up the bill. I've never seen a bill out of emergency room for under $400.00
Hopeful the medication they gave him will get it under control. Did make an appointment with regular doctor for late Wednesday morning.

One thing else Regis and I did went to is one the thrift store. I bought a flat white sheet with little tiny flowers on it.
I'll be using it on Liz rag rug where the white goes. It cost me $3.00. And for .59¢ got a piece of mainly white fabric.
The red and blues seem easy enough to bump in to.

Anther issue we will need to change before next winter roll around. We keep our fire wood out in the barn/shed. That issue of the fire wood needs to be changed.
To be quite honestly with you walking out even there is a path. One will twist up a back, hip, or ankle.
I had to go out and haul nothing either way.
It was difficult walk and twist up my hip.
But for now we could wide the path a bit would help.

If I didn't speak up about getting my dogs teeth clean I know it wouldn't happen. Like the old saying
SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE GREASE So on every blog I do mention about getting DAISY TEETH CLEAN But this time I left a link.
Every donation I've match. Need $4.00 to bring it up to $400 for what it says on the page. But I took $175 to use against having a growth remove.
Any donation would be greatly appreciated and I'm still matching.

Coffee is on



  1. I hate walking on snow, I am afraid I'll slip and fall.

  2. I've only experienced snow once in my life. I can't imagine daily life in it!

  3. I agree you need to move the firewood closer to the house or even inside if you can find space, but then you need to watch out for spiders in it.
    Hope Regis rash clears up quickly.

  4. Mild winter so far this year, but we had what we called "Snowmageddon" in 2010. Not only were we snowed in, but we were plowed in, several times. We had to dig our way out so that I could get to the doctor (follow-up appmt after surgery for a broken femur [thigh bone] ). On the way, we saw a jolly-looking snow (wo) man in a large sun hat and bikini. I love to see signs of people's light-hearted senses of humor when the going gets tough. Take care. Don't slip and fall!

  5. Isn't getting old fun?

  6. These pictures of the snow remind me of why we left Michigan. When you say you are looking for grandma are you talking about geneology. My mom is really good at it. I tried working on my dads side the problem is with catholic they are not very creative with name choices and so there are a ton of people with same names. Will keep on though when I have some more time. Figured the were from north of Dublin maybe by 10 miles. Have a great day!


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