Wednesday, January 25, 2017

For Shame

I had every intention to naught eat naughty foods. I only did two had two small piece of candy. Which I have no guilt about.
But as I was shopping at Super one. Before I went I thought of getting some tomato soup with basil.
But notice I was running out of time, so I got a kid cone for quarter.
So bad of me.
Breakfast...sausage, eggs, and bread, rice, tomatoes, and green beans.

Talk to my friend LaWalla after work. I knew I left my camera in her car. But also found out I left my coat in her car. One thing I'm not short on is coats.
She my chemical sensitivity to about everything.
I was telling you went over to Newport and she had a doctor appointment.
The doctor gave her three prescription. One of her pills is costing $13,000. Not sure how many. No wonder she on disability.
I thought my client $2,500 medication is ridicules.
On the way she show my book on fabric Jewelry. It looked interesting. Maybe some time down the road I can try jewelry making.

Stop over Alice to see if she want to go over to Troy to see where the place to take the quilting class was at.
I know it not far from LaWalla place. We're planned to go over on Wednesday the first to find out she won't be home.
So I need to get back with Alice and see what will work out. LaWalla has an appointment with her natural path, that day.
So I'm not sure when I'll get my camera back.

I got a donation for DAISY and I match it. Thank you!!!

Yesterday I was ask about the photo in my BLOG POST. Well RIVER is right. Haven't yet taken them out of the package. But looks easy enough to use.

My fabric I order came. I was hoping it was a stronger color but it will still work fine. Never order fabric on line. But I was please with the quality.
Order a few garden seeds. Not many we still had quite a few left over. Some thing new we're going to try to grow is Cress.

Coffee is on


  1. $13,000 for pills??
    That's horrendous, is there a generic (no brand name) substitute available at a cheaper cost?
    I'm very glad to be healthy and not need prescription pills, all I need is my inhaler for asthma.

  2. That price of medication is horrendous! I've read that most medication actually costs very little to make and that pharmaceutical companies are really just cashing in on people's vulnerabilities.

  3. Crikey Dora ..... it costs a lot to be sick over your way, aye?? That's scary. I hope you get your camera back soon. I like your photos a lot. Its good that the fabric you ordered is good quality even if the colour isn't quite right.

  4. The drug companies are taking us all for the proverbial ride and insurance companies are facilitating the whole mess. Argh! That same drug probably costs a dollar to make.

    Must have been a good day there - for you to take off your coat and leave it in Lawalla's car.

  5. Don't get me started on the cost of drugs and the greed of Big Pharma.

  6. How do people cope with the expense of drugs there, it's outrageous! Sounds like you had a really busy day Dora, I would be lost without my camera, even for a day 😀

  7. Are those $13,000.00 pills coated in Gold?
    Thankfully my prescriptions all come in generic form, plus because I am low income, I get a discount. Glad you are getting closer to getting Daisy's teeth cleaned!

  8. Ah yes, big pharma. Let's bilk the sick people out of as much money as we can, just because we can. They are what is wrong with our country (among other things).

  9. For that cost for medications, I'd be 6 feet under by now. Ridiculous.


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