Tuesday, January 24, 2017

More Simpler Post

Just had to say both side of bed in political arena have the moment. Once while those who are stuck or choose to be in middle. Will make waves good or bad. Now it time to move on about my day.

Still looking for donation to help with Daisy teeth cleaning or any possible vet bills. Remember I've been matching all donation. Then on my pay day I been sticking $20 in tin to go toward her.
There is a link on the right side call "Daisy teeth cleaning"

My weigh in wasn't good I've had a lot worst. A gain! yuk and triple yuk.
Breakfast...Malt o meal
Lunch...rib and green salad
Dinner..pork chops, corn, and potatoes.
Naughty food...fry pie, brownie, and candy
Good food...apple
A little time on the tread mill and walk around the hospital parking lot.
Regis was at speech.
Then this afternoon I went to Liz she doing much better.

Since it early maybe I can get ready to pay a couple of bills and cut out the apron. When I went to Newport yesterday and LaWalla and I stop in Ben Franklin variety store and got some bias tape for my smock apron and when I got back home my bias tape maker was there.
But I thought the price on bias tape would be a lot more.

Coffee is on


  1. What are the things in the photo?

  2. Your supper sounded great. I love pork chops! :)

  3. Sounds like you are getting anxious to get at making your apron! I'd like to see it when you finish.
    Looking at what you eat and your weight gain ... I think you would get better results including the '5 a day' foods and only having a naughty food once or twice a week. Most would agree that 2 or 3 naughty foods a day will make you gain.

  4. What Andrew asked.

  5. I'm curious about the photo too.

    Walking is the best exercise. Keep moving!

  6. The things in the photo are bias tape makers of varying sizes. I don't know how they work, when we needed bias strips for school sewing class, maybe to bind sleeveless armhole or apron edges, we just cut diagonal strips of fabric and ironed them to find the middle for evenly spaced sewing.

    Sorry to hear you gained this week, maybe say no to all the naughty foods for a while, maybe just have some every second day? I'm surprised to find I've lost two kilos now since New Years Day. Been walking a lot more and eating smaller portions.

  7. Oh don't talk about naughty food Dora, I've eaten so many more bad than good things lately I dare not get on the scales ☺☺

  8. Isn't that always the way? You pick something up just to find you already have it at home.


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