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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ten Minute To Toss The Clause

This post will be done in two setting. I told the dog I would toss her Santa in ten minute. She been at closet where her stuff Santa is.
It way to cold outdoor to be playing fetch. So since her Santa is soft it ok to toss it about house. Anyhow it 13 (-10.5)

Question...What sort of Christmas Ornament would you like that you don't have?...For me would have to be armadillo.
I never was to crazy about all the same color or ornaments on a yule tree.

This year I got set of 12 miniature Victorian ornament at a thrift store for $2.99.

Editor Note...Blog will continue. Enjoy your self a cup of coffee. 

It only take a little while to toss Santa. Anyhow I'll toss it once more before I go to bed. Daisy is spoiled.

Even use some unusual items like a wish bone on the tree.

I like birds and even have some motion sensor ones that goes off when some one walk by. But it not working this year.
Maybe that good thing.

Work today. Took my client over to the United Methodist church for there free lunch. It was excellent. I thought it would just been a bowl of soup and roll. Quite the opposite. Sloppy Joe, green beans with onions. Which I never had before.
green salad. Birthday cake for those born in December.
Since I'm talking about what I had.
Breakfast was pancake, with peanut butter and strawberries.
Dinner Bean soup Murphy made and corn bread muffin.
Naughty food I know cake was naughty. But some pork rinds also.
Got a few minutes on the tread mill.

Hopeful over the weekend I can finish up decorating the place for Christmas. Most years I place the cards we get on front door. This year I'm going to put it with the snow people collection.

Almost got my anther looker hook trivet done. Here is some of color that will be going it to it.

Murphy and I will be going to the senior center for there holiday dinner. His is a suggested donation of $2.00 or $4.00. Since I'm not 62. They charge me $7.00
One thing I notice some of senior that goes there still have some grade school behavior.

Coffee is on



  1. Sounds like a nice birthday dinner.

    Your tree is looking good. Not sure if I will decorate in here or not. Most of my stuff went into the trash last year after the mice found it.

    That's a reasonable price for a holiday meal! Still haven't planned ours - will probably that huge roasting hen he bought the other day, only we will try it on the rotissery. (However it's spelled - IF I can find it.

  2. I like your tree ornaments, my mum used to have little birds like that and some very shiny glass ones to with feather tails.
    $7 is a good price for a Christmas Dinner, have fun.

  3. I love your birds. And your very spoiled dog.

  4. Hari OM
    Hi Dora - have been over with my father for the week and am behind again on blogs.. sigh.. i like the idea of wishbones for the tree... now think if all the wishbones had been collected from each year, the entire tree could be with bones - dipped in glue and glitter!!! Lucky Daisy, getting a tossed Santa. . &*> YAM xx

  5. I would love an armadillo Christmas tree ornament. As a teen ager, my husband had a treasured dried-up armadillo. In due time, he married me, we had a baby or two, and were about to move to Maryland from Ohio. Time to get rid of some of our junk. Husband decided it was time to let go of the armadillo. A man and his young helper came to haul away our junk in their pickup. At the last minute, the youngster fished the armadillo out of pile of stuff in the truck. "This rides up front with me," he said.

  6. Some are never too old for grade school behavior ;)


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