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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Retiring Not As I Thought.

Not sure how pensions work in other place in world. So for now I will SHARE THIS it on retirement from other place in world.

I know we wasn't going to be wealthy when either my husband retired. His social security is just under $773 and they take a $104 for his MEDICARE and we still have to pick up the 20% what medicare doesn't pay.
We're thankful we're both in good health. Confession time...We both put some effort in our health.
A word to wise if your country, state, or providence want to be come a RIGHT TO WORK Please vote against it.
Idaho is one of those right to work state and your wage will remain low.

This was my plan for heading into my old age pension....I was going to work doing in home care. “I have easy clients.”
until I was about 60 which is not quite 4 years and then cut my hours down to 12 to 16 hours a week.
Continue working and also working on ceramic shop in the basement. But once I turn 62 apply for my spousal benefits in social security. Which would be half of my husbands. Continue working and paying in, and when I become full retirement age for me it 67 years old.
But the rules been change...One can still draw spousal benefits, but they can not work and pay into there own social security account.
I don't have that much in. I work in high school, When the boys was home, I was a stay at home mom. Time the boys hit middle school. I start to go back to work slowly and not many hours or high wages.
Still working and trying to make up lost time. I would say I have 13 years of blank period of nothing paid into my social security.
At this point I don't see my self taking my retirement until 67 years old. If I take it real early I could possible loose 30% of my benefits.
Well there always good options out there. It just finding them.

Super cold. Down to 16 (-8.8) But the dog want me to toss the ball this morning. She still wearing her head cone. Her sore is looking a lot better. My husband is wondering if she got bit by some nasty bug. Well I'm still doing a fund raiser for her. It on the right hand side of blog, “Daisy Teeth Cleaning” maybe I'm posting to much on this.

Went to our Christmas brunch with my weight lost group. I believe they was only two people down,and I wasn't one of them.
I order eggs benedict, and it came with hash brown. Took two or three bits or three bits of hash brown. The egg benedict was fairly large. Like two english muffins a half order would have been plenty.
Not sure what is for dinner.

We had an ornament swap. We all start with our own ornaments, and someone read the story of the Candy Cane. Anytime the word candy cane was mention you pass it one down to the right.
But I think SNOPES has some cool info on the candy cane.

Coffee is on


  1. It is interesting to learn about your system. Your old age pension is paid by the federal government or a private company?

  2. I can't apply for spousal benefits for almost 9 years yet, unless DH retires early and then we are not sure how much I will get.

    It's going to get really chilly for here. At least they took 'snow' out of the forecast. Ha Ha

  3. I hope you get to retire and have a healthy and prosperous one.

  4. Interesting system about the spousal benefits. It's different here.
    I've never eaten eggs benedict, I really must try it sometime.
    I like the ornament swap idea :)

  5. All these rules about retirement and medicare/medicaid so confusing and I think they deliberately try to make them confusing so that people can't demand much!! And, now they are talking about taking away medicare.

    I couldn't find the "daisy teeth cleaning" link. Where is it? I would definitely try to chip in some. I love dogs and would give anything for them.

    What will be there with the coffee :-)?

  6. Found the link and gave some (dutta is the name but please don't publish it as I blog using secret name; don't want to give out my identity publicly). That quote is correct. It usually costs about 1000 or more for dog teeth cleaning (at least here in NJ). And once cleaned, you have to brush them everyday. And, it's not fun as they don't like brushing. Also, give her some apples to eat. Apples apparently help in tartar removal in teeth in dogs.

    Awww..such a cute dog and such a lovely story. Bless your heart for giving love and shelter to this awesome dog.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and answering the Question Of The Week. Hope you will continue to visit and I will take time to get acquainted with your blog. Did you find me as part of a blog hop?

  8. We used to have a great system here. But slowly the governments are screwing it over
    Now everyone has to work longer for less money and even less when they retire
    We have always had our own business so we never had a superannuation fund
    We have had to make other plans. I'm hoping we have made the right ones
    The ornament game sounds like fun


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