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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Now It All Coming Together

I'm always a little nervous when it comes to doing anything with computers. I did get the issue fix my window or what ever it called. It was slow opening.
Looks like it fix.
I won't repeat my self about Yesterday post. But I'm still looking for five new donors for Daisy. READ POST HERE.

Christmas went well and I'm always so glad when it is over. We went over to the BIG HORN LODGE and celebrate with my son Bart in-laws.
The place is on the Bull river.

Let me tell you Montana sure maintain there roads different then Idaho. We over here puts on deicers on our highway.
So until we went Montana state line. The roads was clear and soon as we cross over to Montana it came snow packed roads.
Drove slower.

Couldn't tell what I all got for Christmas. Here is good one. I send my daughter in law Betty good seamstress scissors for Christmas. She send me the same thing.
But Our first grand child got plenty. She just laugh when jack n box job out.

One thing we took a walk down to the river. Bart in-law owns a company that manufacturer of light weight camping furniture.
There expanding in to wider market. So 6 of us hike down to look at new set up.

Usual Tuesday we weigh in at our local T.O.P.S . This morning the snow was coming down to beat the drum.
So weigh in was canceled. Usual I don't look forward getting on scales. But since this would been our last weigh in and end of year report goes in. So I and anther lady weigh our members once a week.
This morning I was down a bit and I was hoping for a little lighter weigh in.
Instead of gaining 3 pounds (1.3) My gain would of been a lot less.
As group we gain 10.75 pounds (4.8) we average 1 pound gain (.045)
One of our member lost I believe was 12 pounds (5.4)
Shortly after all the weight lost sheets arrives at head quarter we will know more of the facts.

New Year is coming up. I keep wanting to make New Year Resolution. I'm trying not to real hard. I know there always room for improvement.
One New Year resolution I should stop worrying. But I lack the tools when it comes to general worry.
I don't say much what worry about. No one like to listen to a complainer. Why would any one want to listen to my worries.
Believe me I worry about a lot of things.

Coffee is on


  1. Grand daughter is a real cutie :)
    It's normal to put on weight around Christmas, all the yummy food everywhere; it's hard to say No all the time. But once Christmas is over and you go back to the diet, you'll be fine.
    I'm glad you got your computer fixed.

  2. So long as it is not constant, why not complain and moan at times? You are among blog friends who care.

  3. So, all in all life is okay...

  4. Grandbaby is a cutie. Weight gain over the holidays is normal, you just need to get back to good habits when the holiday is over.

  5. I know what you mean about worrying.

  6. G'day Peppy!! Crikey it sure was nice of you to stop by my blog today. I hope we can be friends. I love making new friends. Mum loves your blog and she is going to follow you. She really likes your snow pictures. We don't get any snow where I live. I've never even seen snow. Mum has but only little bits and in the distance. Not up close. It looks as if you had a nice Christmas. I did too. It sure was nice to hear from you!! Love, Charlie. Oh ..... I don't drink coffee but Mum does.


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