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Monday, December 26, 2016

On Auto Pilot

My brain today is running on auto pilot. Plus there some minor issue with my window service. Not even sure if I'm making any sense.
. I set a new goal for this week. Hope all can take part.

Thank you who all donated or shared Daisy story. I complete under stand some just don't have the money to donate and don't want anyone to put them self in bind.

I'm looking for 5 new people to donate $5.00 each to Miss Daisy doctor bill. Could you please shared her story though any social media out let you my have. Or even this post. LINK TO DAISY GO FUND ME PAGE 
Remember I been matching all donation. If 5 people donate $5.00 each which will equal $25.00. Trying to complete this goal before end of 2016
and I will match each one and it will bring it up to $50.00.

Since I'm having issue with my lap top. I can't share our adventure in Montana. With the photos I took I want to wait.
But my I have to Say my grand daughter Claudia had a wonderful time. Laugh and smile every time her Jack n Box pop up.

Coffee is on .


Liz A. said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures. We'll wait for the laptop to start working again. Good luck with that.

River said...

I'm sorry to hear your laptop is giving trouble. Maybe it just wants a Christmas Holiday :)


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