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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Maybe I Got A Plan

One thing I did today was read my cards. I like to do it four times a year...spring, summer, fall, and winter. Or when I feel there is a need to

I been trying to figure out how I could possible do the ceramic shop. I have about 2,000 molds. My ideal was to draw spousal benefits from our SOCIAL SECURITY which would be half of my husbands.
Cut my hours with my client to 12 hours a week, and do the shop. Well the rules change about spousal benefits. It use to be you could work and take your spousal benefits, still pay into your social security account.
As of January 1 of this year. They change the rules to...when someone is drawing spousal benefits one can not work and pay into there count.
So much for that ideal.

Now here is my new plans my clients are easy. Instead of cutting down to 12 hours a week. I will cut down to 18 hours a week, about short time after I turn 60. At this point it looks like when I turn 63 and quarter I could possible go down to 12 hours week.
Sad to say my full retirement age will be 67 years old and I can draw my full benefits. Which isn't going to be anything grand.
The max one can draw is $2,663 and the average is $1,328. I'll below the average.

For me (You) when did my cards I got Three of pentacles. I believe I'm or we're moving in right directions. Confession time..At times I feel like things aren't moving as they need to.
One thing I know we need to look into this late spring is there a drip on the house. There a full basement with concrete floors and such. Well it needs to be check out hopeful it not some type of sink hole developing. I guess there been a few in my STATE. Closes two would be in Postfalls and Hayden.
Although the drip isn't real loud. I don't know if that a good thing or not.

Now for my past the Queen pentacles. Trustworthy and Resourcefulness is two things I've always tried to do and will continue to do it.
Confession it bothers me when the world won't expect total honestly. Like on my job if I wrote on my progress report that "Clients and I went out for cup of coffee" They would possible cut there hours back. Or any hint of enjoyment, happiness, or positive words.
I believe they do a lot better if they have an opportunity to be out and about. Not just medical type of stuff, and clean.
I try to take my clients out once a week.
I was some what disappointment when first heard of how they change the spousal benefits. But I know there more then one way to get from point A to B and not causing all that much trouble. To me there not much sit in stone. It good thing pencils  have erasers.

What is possible to come...Four pentacles is some what I'm having trouble with. I don't know why controlling people bothers me.
For some reason this card came up which represents possessiveness, control, and blocking change.
If one doesn't have boundaries in there life one will get walk on.
Regis can be mooch and if you don't set some type of boundaries with him. You will hear from him...Can you get me______. Like everyone works has an unlimited bank account

Eating went a lot better. I been doing a little bit of time on the thread mill. It helps when I wear my pedometer. It sort of makes me move more.
They say one should keep a food journal and one less likely to eat. Sort of like embarrassing one self.
Breakfast smokies, ambrosia salad, and greek salad.
Lunch I went over to the Methodist free lunch. Some type of ham and potatoes casserole, corn, and green salad.
Dinner Chicken burrito.
Naughty food. stolen, and cookies.

Thinking about trying to get 5 new people to donated to Daisy teeth cleaning between Christmas and New Years. As for now if any one want to donated to my go fund page it on the right hand side of my blog..."Daisy Teeth Cleaning"

About ready to start my gold section on the crochet rag rug I been working on. Still need to cut a few more fabrics of red and make them into balls of fabrics.

Remember I was saying that I want to go over to Troy Montana to do a quilting class. Actual I want to find one closer.
So after lunch I went into one of our local fabric shop. And ask her if she would consider teaching a beginning quilting classes.
I don't want to drive or go over to Troy every week for ten weeks. The class is $20 and I'm not gripping about that. If there five us who goes and at five bucks each it cover the gas. Not counting the cost of fabric it will run each of us about $70.00
But she resent got a divorce and now lives in a two bed room place with no working studio. I suggest she looks into about using our county extension office.
It would be great relief if I didn't have to drive over to Troy.

Coffee is on



  1. Hello, I am scared about the future, the way the politicians are talking about cutting Social Security. I will take the smaller amount at 62 and not wait until 67 to collect. I feel the longer I wait the less chance it will be there. It is great to hear you eating better and walking the treadmill. I am trying harder too. Enjoy and have a happy weekend. I wish you and your a very Merry Christmas!

  2. i can't donate more to Daisy. I put in $5 because that's all I could afford, then with the exchange rate and conversion fees at my bank I lost $10 from my account. i can't keep doing that.
    I hope you get something worked out about the beginner quilting class.

  3. I think this is the time of year when we all start questioning where we are and where we are going. I hope you get it figured out.

  4. I hope a quilting class opens up close to home.

  5. Hari OM
    that 4swords definitely indicates a need to look after your own health if you are going to keep going - as we all of this generation will have to; it's so b***** frustrating that we fall in that gap where the goal post keeps moving ahead just as we are about to reach it! The 4penta at future point would suggest not about your boundaries in work situation, but warning against falling into the needy state of mind which results in blocking creativity and prosperity. Remember, prosperity is not about being rich; it is about knowing what one has and gaining the maximum from it such that there is replenishment. I have to work on this principle as I have no income, as such. What I have has to last till the end of my days and if I got caught up in the 'it's not gonna last' mentality, I'd be a crib-case by now!

    Your suggestion to the fabric lady was a good one - good thinking!!! Blessed Festive to you. YAM xx

  6. I hear that right now Congress is working on cutting Social Security. Time to call your representative.

    Food diary... I was told to do one of those ages ago. Did it for two to three years. It didn't change my eating at all. Know why? Because I'm always aware of what I'm eating. Writing it down didn't change my thinking about it at all. And you already write it down here. Why start a diary? (Although, if you think it'll help, go for it.)


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