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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Hubby and I went into Bonners Ferry to exchange our gifts we got each other. None of our gifts fit us. All to small.
We both got each other slippers. Now mine can be toss into the trash can. But I bought two gifts, jeans. And they were also wrong size?

One of the reason I made my sons and there wives locker hook trivets. They do come in handy. I want to try my a rug for each of there kitchen.

Know the design I want. The size they'll be done in 36 by 20 inches (0.9 M by (0.5 M) What I don't know is color scheme or who will get what.

Rag rug is coming a long nicely. This weekend either Saturday or Sunday Murphy and I will be going up to Qunella. Not sure if I will have it done or not. Well I can't make up my mine that I will take it up and show it to her. So close for having it done.

Was please with my home scales. Under 220 (99.7 Kilogram) But our first weigh in for new year will be the 3rd.
Breakfast. Grill cheese sandwich.
Lunch. chicken fried steak and green salad. some type of fruit dressing
Dinner. London broil, bake potato with roquefort dressing, and chard.
Naughty food...a few piece of chocolate, and ice cream cone.

Did get a little time on the tread mill and went out three times. Toss the ball 4 times each for Daisy. A total of 12.

Murphy got result from his blood draw. His glucose count was up to 140. He think he watches how much carbs he eats. But I shouldn't say to much. Compare most of my clients I taken care of we're health nuts.
Only one clients I every made salad for. And that was for Donna.

I'm trying to find five new people to donate $5.00 to Daisy's' fund. You can follow the links from this POST. Please remember I'm not looking for a free ride. I've match all so far.

Coffee is on.


  1. I think you got your money's worth out of your old slippers.

  2. Ooh I love naughty food! I really need to watch how much I eat, though. Not been on treadmill for months so that's another thing I need to do :-)
    Thank you for your visit. It's nice to meet you!

  3. The locker hook trivet looks very nice. I think the same colours and design would be very nice as a floor rug.

    I've cut back on naughty food now Christmas is over. I took all the left overs and threw them out. There wasn't much left anyway, just half a small Christmas Pudding.

  4. Love the work on those hook rugs.

  5. A good pair of slippers is a wonderful thing indeed!

  6. glad you got a good pair of slippers. I bought me a pair that turned out to be to big in the end. I pass them on to a friend who could use them.

  7. We need more than one pair of slippers. That's what happens when you have dogs who ahve accidents in the house

  8. I agree with Foley Monster. Everyone needs two pairs of slippers, esp if your slippers are black, your dog is blessed with tons of stiff, white hair, you cook in your slippers, you spill things when you're cooking, and for other reasons too numerous to mention.

  9. Hari Om
    I love that floor rug... these are great for presents and, as you rightly point out, sizing will not be so crucial! Can't beat a good pair of slippers, except, as others have said, to have two pairs &*> YAM xx

  10. I'm always careful when buying stuff that has to fit. Because, it's so easy to get that wrong. At least you can exchange it.


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